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Custom Lobby Sign for Mortgage Services III, Inc. in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

When our friends at Mortgage Services contacted us and asked if we could move their existing signs, we wanted to see what they currently had.  We always make sure that we get at least one site visit before we propose a solution, and this wasn’t going to be an exception. MSI’s old location was nested behind I-94 at Goerke’s Corners. Believe it or not, they had a 5′ x 12′ monument sign that no one could see.  It even faced the only ... Read more

Custom Graphics on a Delivery Truck for Bayside Garden Center in Bayside, WI

Everyone loves technology. We currently walk around with more processing power on our hip than it took to launch the first mission into space! But with technology’s constant advance, small businesses lost a means of advertising that was very effective. That advertising was done in the printed community phone book.  The phone book allowed a business to advertise in communities that they wanted to do business.  The cost were huge, but the results were very quantifiable. With online directories, the impact ... Read more

Custom Acrylic Lobby Sign for Mortgage Services Inc. in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

When our customers come to us and ask us to help them move their office signage, we are often amazed at how little creativity exists in the interior signage industry.  Simple wall designs that say nothing about the company other than the name, make us crazy. We make sure that our designs stand out and reflect the professionalism of the companies we work for. When Mortgage Services III asked us to assist, they had a blank slate to work with.  The new location had ... Read more