Custom Graphics on a Delivery Truck for Bayside Garden Center in Bayside, WI

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Custom Graphics on a Delivery Truck for Bayside Garden Center in Bayside, WI

Everyone loves technology. We currently walk around with more processing power on our hip than it took to launch the first mission into space! But with technology’s constant advance, small businesses lost a means of advertising that was very effective. That advertising was done in the printed community phone book.  The phone book allowed a business to advertise in communities that they wanted to do business.  The cost were huge, but the results were very quantifiable. With online directories, the impact ... Read more

Custom Acrylic Lobby Sign for Mortgage Services Inc. in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

When our customers come to us and ask us to help them move their office signage, we are often amazed at how little creativity exists in the interior signage industry.  Simple wall designs that say nothing about the company other than the name, make us crazy. We make sure that our designs stand out and reflect the professionalism of the companies we work for. When Mortgage Services III asked us to assist, they had a blank slate to work with.  The new location had ... Read more

Custom Wall Covering for Good Shepherd’s Lutheran School in West Allis, Wisconsin

Ah, the joys of middle school. I am sure you remember when you were in middle school and the school play rolled around.  Between tryouts, costume design and manufacture, rehearsals and set building, there was more than enough for everyone to do. Parents and students really had to dig in to help pull off the school play.  We at Optimum Signs, always believe in giving back to our community and when we were asked by Good Shepherd’s Evangelical Lutheran School in West Allis if ... Read more

Custom Cut Graphics for Trailer for Wisconsin Commercial Roofing In Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

It’s Friday afternoon and you are driving back to the office when you see sitting on the lot of a truck dealer an almost brand new trailer. So you stop to look at it knowing full well that the dealer is going to want an arm, a leg and possibly two of your kids for the trailer.  Low and behold, the guy wants almost nothing for it as he took it in trade and it’s just taking up space on his ... Read more

Custom Post and Panel Informational Signs for All Saints Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One of the most exciting things that Optimum Signs does is to help companies fix problems that they have.  That was the case when Julie from All Saints Catholic Church in Milwaukee contacted us.  She had been trying to get a sign company to come out and suggest a way to let the neighborhood know about the food pantry that they run plus promote the schedule for masses at the church.  She also needed signage for inside the building to help ... Read more

New Menu Boards for Dunn Brother’s Coffee in West Bend, Wisconsin

At Optimum Signs, we truly enjoy working with our corporate customers, but some jobs are more fun than others. This one was definitely one of those jobs.  The team at Dunn Brother’s Coffee in West Bend, Wisconsin are a great group of people to work with.  It’s also fun to change out a menu board while the restaurant is open for business! Most folks don’t realize the constraints that you have to work with. You have to stay out of the way of ... Read more

Custom Double Sided Monument Sign in Brookfield WI for Integrative Vet Services

When Dr. Allison Troutman made the decision to open her own holistic veterinary clinic, Integrative Vet Services, most people would have wondered what exactly is holistic veterinary services. I have to admit, I have never heard of it.   It turns out that there is a dramatic paradigm shift occurring in the animal health care world. This new paradigm, which is called Integrative Medicine, takes a more holistic approach to the treatment of animal disorders than the present traditional medical model which ... Read more

Custom Etched Glass On A Conference Room Wall in Waukesha, WI

One of the trends in office suites is the addition of the “fish bowl” conference room.  Most of these have glass on at least one side and many of them have glass on multiple sides.  And although this style is very trendy and really does look very nice, it does present a few issues. The top two issues are privacy and confidentiality. ​ When we were contacted about installing etched glass on a conference room wall, we were excited about the project. Our ... Read more

Custom Acrylic Lobby Sign for Roger’s Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI

One of several things that Optimum Signs pride ourselves on, are our partnerships.  One of our partners came to us with a bit of a rush job for one of their customers. Roger’s Memorial Hospital’s campus in Oconomowoc had recently undergone a large scale remodel, and part of that remodel was the renaming of one of their buildings. The Charles E. Kubly FOCUS Center was going to be dedicated at a ceremony two weeks from the beginning of this project.  So how do you say ... Read more

Custom Van Wrap for ElectroScan Using 3M Wrap Material in Pewaukee Wisconsin

The other day we received a call from one of our competitors asking about our production schedule and how soon we could work on a full sized Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Interesting question coming from a rival.  The customer had a very short install window due to a trade show that they wanted to unveil the new van at and the sign shop was at least two weeks out.  You know you are doing something right when your competition is referring their ... Read more
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