Corporate Business Signage for Cycle Bar in Mequon Wisconsin

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We produced the signage for Mequon’s new Cycle Bar. These signs varied from channel letters to lobby signs.

When a company has a strong internet presence, you tend to get the attention of much larger, national companies. Optimum Signs has that type of internet presence. We have caught the eye of a number of large, corporate sign companies one of which holds the manufacturing agreement with Cycle Bar. If you aren’t familiar with the Cycle Bar story, please visit their website at When the owners of Cycle Bar decided to franchise their idea, they needed a large company that could produce large quantities of standard size and shaped signs. Electrical, wall graphics, window graphics, custom wallpaper, and a few others. When a franchisee signs up with Cycle Bar, they have access to the corporate signs even if they are 900 miles from the company that holds the signs. By doing this, the franchise owner can ensure exact deliverance of their corporate image. This is where Optimum Signs comes in.

Through our contacts across the United States, we are contacted regularly to assist companies in other states install corporate signage. In this case it was a couple of channel letter sets, an interior LED back-lit lobby sign and a 8′ reverse lit LED sign. Each of these signs offers a unique challenge. The exterior signs had to be permitted with the Village of Mequon. This not only means going through the permitting process, we also had to work with the owners of the mall to ensure that the design and size of the signs complied with their agreement with the village. Many, large malls have sign agreements with the municipality to facilitate an orderly and consistent look for the facility. We had to make a few small changes to the design to meet the villages needs. When it came to the end, the toughest part of the exterior signs was determining which color of yellow the effice was painted so we could match the raceway to the front of the building. Once we moved inside, we installed the back-lit lobby sign. This was a stud mounted sign that had to be lined up with the print on the wall and the studs in the wall. The theater sign hangs just over 10′ above the instructors pedestal, just above the mirrors. Once my installers completed their tasks, our electricians came in to run power to each sign and make the final connection. Of course noting is complete until the village electrical inspector signs off on the job. Our electricians aren’t done until the work passes inspection.

This was a perfect example of what Optimum Signs does best. We work multiple faceted jobs. From production to installation. From Permitting to final inspection. Optimum Signs is your complete source for custom or corporate signage. Please give us a call today at 262.289.9481 or email at Optimum Signs, we get you noticed.

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