Custom Wall Decor for Brewery’s Hospitality Center at Large Summer Festival at Milwaukee Lakefront

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Print on canvas for Miller Lite’s Summerfest marketing.

One of the fastest growing areas of our business is custom wall decor. In most cases, our customers have a print or a design that they own that they want multiple prints of.  In some cases, we will reproduce custom artwork that the client owns (all keeping within the copyright laws).  And one of the most requested medium is canvas.  For this job,  our client helps host a very large summer festival on Milwaukee’s lakefront and they use canvas prints to decorate their hospitality area.
The prints were 3′ x 4′ and printed directly to canvas.  The material we used was a 15 mil poly-cotton artisans grade canvas that is perfect for this application.  Acid-free, matte canvas that is both fade and water resistant. Because we use an HP Latex 360 printer, we don’t have to treat the print with liquid laminate because the ink is designed to resist the elements.  One feature we do offer is to use gel to give the print the appearance of brush strokes. This makes the print look a great deal like an original.  The print was stretched over a hardwood frame and assembled with stainless steel hardware. We used stainless steel because the prints were going to be displayed outside for the two week run and we didn’t want them to rust.  We also printed one frame using last years design so that the brewery could show the progression of the design. We sprayed the prints with a clear lacquer to prevent the white portion of the print from yellowing.

Overall, these prints will only be displayed for a little over 2 weeks but the look and appearance had to be exact, and it was.  We turned these around in a couple of days for our customer.
If you have a building project and you are looking to create custom wall decor, whether custom printed wallpaper or stretched canvas frames, we can help. Please give us a call at 262.289.9481 or email at

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