Etched Glass Vinyl is a thin film that can be installed on glass (interior or exterior) surfaces.

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Etched Glass Vinyl is a thin film that can be installed on glass (interior or exterior) surfaces. It is made from extruded vinyl which allows for the different levels of opacity. The vinyl can be die cut to present designs and logos. There are many different grades, thicknesses and colors of frosted or etched glass vinyl. The frosted films closely resemble sandblasted or acid-etched finishes. The film can be applied to create privacy, a corporate look, or to block the sun. One of the features of this type of film is the ease with which it can be removed. Even after a few years, a heat gun and a pick is all that is needed to remove the etched glass vinyl.

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Etched Glass FAQ

Can I apply etched glass vinyl to my windows?

Etched or frosted glass vinyl is not a DIY type product. Because this is placed on glass and is view able from both sides, there is no room for error. Air can become trapped under the vinyl and will become very apparent quickly. It is far better to allow a professional to install the vinyl and get it perfect the first time.

Does etched or frosted vinyl damage my glass windows?

Etched or frosted glass vinyl does not damage the glass. The adhesive will become brittle over many years so we suggest changing it out every 4-5 years. This will allow you to update the look, provide a certain amount of privacy, and ensure that the glass looks professional.

How hard is it to remove?

For a professional it is not difficult. The trick is maintaining the proper temperature to get the vinyl to release from the glass without leaving the adhesive behind. Too hot, and the vinyl will melt and stick to everything. Too cool, and you risk leaving the adhesive behind.