Banner flags are attractive and can be used in a variety of applications. Add your company logo and artwork for a very catchy look.

Flag Gallery

About Flags

Banner flags (fabric) are available in a number of shapes and sizes. We currently offer a feather, a teardrop, a Falcon, and rectangle shaped flags in heights from 7’ up to 23’. The flags can be printed on one or both sides. We use a process called dye sublimation to print the flags to make sure that they look great for a long time. The flags come with a standard outdoors ground spike and a soft carrying bag. Options include a floor stand and a water bag to help the stand stay upright indoors.

Flags FAQ

What’s the difference between a single sided and double sided print?

On the single sided flag, the image is printed on one side of the banner with the back side showing a see-through mirror image of the front side. A double sided print is sewn back-to-back enabling a true image on both sides. We sew a block out material between the banners to prevent light from shining through the mesh fabric.

Can I place a number of flags in my parking lot?

Most municipalities regulate whether or not you can place ground mounted banner flags. Some require a temporary permit while others do not regulate the flags. We always caution using the large flags in areas with pedestrian traffic.

Am I limited to the number of colors I can use on my flags?

Because our flags are printed using dye sublimation, we print in full color with no additional up charges. The colors are bright and crisp and will remain so for a long time.