Our beautiful custom lobby signs are made to order and can incorporate all your branding needs while letting your customers know where they are and where to go.

Lobby Sign Gallery

About Lobby Signs

Lobby signs can take on many shapes. It can be a general directory if it’s located in the lobby of an office building or it can be a company specific sign. It can be made from a host of materials from metal, foam, acrylic, PVC or even wood. The lobby sign can be customized to a company’s logo or reflect a mission statement or corporate objectives. The sign can mount directly to a wall on standoffs or to a substrate. Directories are mostly backlit with engraved name strips that fit together like a puzzle. This allows for ease in changing tenant names or suite numbers.

Lobby Signs FAQ

Can you recreate my corporate logo?

Yes we can. We have the ability to reproduce any corporate logo once we have the artwork from the company. This gives us the ability to scale the sign to the area it will be mounted to.

Are there limits on colors for the lobby sign?

Not really. For cut acrylic signs, we try to use a stock color, but if a specific color is needed to comply with a corporate template, we can custom paint the acrylic.

How will my lobby sign mount to the wall?

Lobby signs can be stud mounted, adhesive mounted, mounted to a substrate, or attached to a frame.