Specialty Wraps is a catch all category as we can wrap almost anything.

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About Specialty Wraps

Specialty wraps is a catch all category as we can wrap almost anything. We have wrapped shipping lockers, barrels, coolers, guitars, display bins, point-of-sale kiosks, countertops, table tops and many more. Normally, depending on the application, we can use a good utility grade vinyl. Most of these applications do not require the use of a laminate as they are not being touched. If we have a high contact substrate, we would laminate the print to give it some wear ability.

Specialty Wraps FAQ

What can be wrapped?

Almost anything can be wrapped. The biggest factor is the surface that is being worked on. Certain paints make it more difficult to adhere a print to like powder coated surfaces. Walls can be wrapped but care must be taken because some paints have Teflon or other elements in them to release stains. Also a factor is the number of contours. The higher the number of contours, the less likely the vinyl is to stick.

What type of material is used when wrapping?

Most of the time we use a utility grade vinyl. 3M makes a number of vinyl’s that work well for this. Again, the surface that we are adhering to will determine the exact grade of material we can use.

Are there any design limitations on wrapping something?

The only limitations are the limits on your imagination. We can design almost anything that you want. Our designs are the best in the business.