The main purpose of wayfinding signs is to provide information or direction to the public.

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About Wayfinding Signs

The classification of a wayfinding sign encompasses many different types of signs like ADA, directional, or informational. The main purpose of a Wayfinding sign is to provide information or direction to the public. Some of the information is mandated by law (ADA) while others provide a convenience to the public. In all cases, Wayfinding signs done incorrectly lead to confusion. Signs can be made from acrylic, metal, PVC, or any high-density material.

Wayfinding Signs FAQ

Are Wayfinding Signs mandated by law?

Certain types of wayfinding signs are mandated by law. These signs comply with the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 set standards for all signs that identify a room or space that is accessible to the public. These signs are mandated by law and have a number of specifications that are not optional.

Can Wayfinding Signs be installed anywhere?

There are no mandates on the installation of wayfinding signs.

Is there a minimum size for informational signs?

No, but there are size recommendations as to the ease of readability, font style, and location.