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Anderson General & Implant Dentistry Lobby Signs in Milwaukee

When you want to “Wow” people who walk into your building, a lobby sign is the answer. As you’re designing an important focal point that will define your space and your brand, it makes sense to take your time on the design and work with professionals who are dedicated to making sure that your custom lobby sign is exceptional. We offer impressive lobby signs in Milwaukee, and we can give you an insider’s glimpse into how they should be designed.

Understand Your Lobby Sign

Every lobby sign is different, and that’s what makes the greatest ones so effective. They stand out and reflect the brand identity of your business. When you’re starting to think about your own lobby sign, you should consider two main things:

  • What is the brand identity that your lobby sign needs to reflect?
  • What other purposes does the sign need to accomplish for you?

You likely already have a strong understanding of your brand’s characteristics and many of its design elements such as its font and color. Bringing these to your first consultation with your sign company is a good idea.

Then, consider what else your lobby sign should accomplish for you:

  • Aesthetic value: Lobby signs should enhance your overall lobby space.
  • Professionalism: Lobby signs should look put together and well-executed to boost your professionalism.
  • Attracting customers: When the lobby sign can be seen from outside of your building, it should help draw customers and clients inside.

Location in the Lobby

Where inside the lobby do you want to put your custom lobby sign? It is important to decide the spot before you get too far in the design process because you need to ensure the sign will fit, physically and aesthetically, in the space. Different spots may require different colors, materials, lighting options, or even a different orientation of the lobby sign elements.

Lighting Options

Adding light to a lobby sign is an excellent way to make a statement. Typically, you’ll want to choose LED lighting for energy efficiency and a modern look. But select brands may want neon lighting to create a specific look. If you are using LEDs, you’ll want to consider the orientation of the lighting in or on the sign.

We Offer Lobby Signs in Milwaukee

There are so many businesses in Milwaukee that could benefit from a quality, custom lobby sign. We’re excited to help your brand stand out with one of our designs. Contact us today.