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The Benefits of Using Floor Decals for Your Business

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Floor GraphicsThe floor might be the last place you’d think to put a sign. In a way, that’s the advantage. Your floor space is uncluttered real estate where you can place some of your more practical signs and some of your most persuasive signs too. Different businesses will use custom floor graphics in different ways, opting to show people where to line up, or bring attention to a product just above a sign. Here are some of the ways that designer floor decals can benefit your Milwaukee business.

Simple Wayfinding and Line-Making

In complex facilities or offices, it can be challenging for people to find their way. That is especially true if, like in medical offices, they are sick or, as in schools, they are children. Floor decals can lead people to different departments, sections, or even their seats. You can create named paths that have personality, like a “tropical plant tour” within a greenhouse.

You can also use floor decals to indicate how and where people should line up. For smaller facilities or those that are busy, it may be a matter of safety to ensure that people line up properly. Floor graphics can help.

Return on Investment

Floor decals are made of high-quality and very thin vinyl material. They need to be thin enough that people will not trip over them, but also resistant to wear and scratching so that they can last. We deliver high-quality vinyl sheets which are cost-effective. By keeping costs low, these signs deliver a larger return on investment than you might think.

The Surprise Factor

Custom floor decals are not a sign that people are used to seeing, and that “surprise” factor can play a big role in their success. Imagine suddenly seeing a sign on the floor in the salad dressing section of your local grocery store. Or imagine spotting a floor sign about extra services you can get while you’re waiting for your car at the mechanic’s shop. People are curious about these signs and are likely to act on them.

Completely Custom and High Quality

Of course, custom floor graphics can be adjusted to fit your branding and your message perfectly. They can include high-quality images, your brand’s custom font, exact colors, and all kinds of design flourishes that will impress you and whoever is looking at it. Our designers can walk you through the design process for these signs and show you how the specific nature of a floor sign calls for certain design choices. That includes things like large fonts so people don’t need to lean over to read the sign better.

Design Your Floor Graphics with Us Today

The team at Optimum Signs is committed to offering you the right solutions to fit any sign need that you have. Our designer floor decals might just be the right choice for you. Reach out to us to discuss your needs today.