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Brookfield, WI – Brushed Aluminum Magnetic Lobby Sign for Sewer Ninjas

Interior Lobby Sign Made by Optimum Signs in Milwaukee



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Interior Lobby Sign So what do you do when your business building offers short term leases to small businesses but you want to have signage to help customers find the businesses? You call on Optimum Signs to design a solution.

So who are Sewer Ninjas? Sewer Ninjas opened to help meet a need in the real estate industry. They started out providing sewer inspections to homebuyers. This service protected the buyer from costly repairs down the road.  They are now taking the inspection one step further by helping the homeowner with the repair. This new technology can repair the system without having to dig up the existing lateral, saving thousands, plus provides a lifetime of protection. They are dedicated to solving sewer issues with the latest technology to minimize cost and disruption. They are a local, family-owned business, and take pride in every job, large or small.

We knew that the key requirement for this job was that it had to look classy yet it had to be easily updated with minimum expense.  We started off with brushed aluminum acrylic. We created the shape on a standard CNC machine running custom software.  We also decided that we had to leave space for the individual panels for each tenant. The problem came in with the relief cut that the bit for the CNC machine makes. It removes about 1/8″ of the material which is twice as wide as we wanted the spaces between the panels.  We figured that if we cut out a “frame” along with the header we would be able to offer one piece to mount on the wall.  We cut the individual name plates out of the remainder of the material.  But if the material is acrylic how does it stick to the frame? Magnets.  We placed magnetic tape on the back part of the frame.  We put metal tape on the name plates.  This allows for easy replacement when a tenant moves out. The names are all engraved into the material and because the backer to the brushed aluminum is black PVC, it works brilliantly.

So if you have a custom need for interior signage, please give us a call.  We would love to assist you in creating a masterpiece.  We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or emailed at info@optimumsignswi.com.