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Lobby signs are necessary for businesses of all sizes. They improve customer experience, welcome guests, and improve brand image. While we provide average costs, the ultimate expense will depend on what you want/need to be incorporated, complexity, materials, mounting, and illumination.

What is the Average Cost of a Lobby Sign?

The average cost hovers between the $600-$1,300 range. The cost may be less or more depending on multiple factors like complexity, size, finish, and illumination. Most office lobbies using 3-dimensional lettering range between three to six feet in length. If this is an accurate representation of your sign’s size, then the costs will fall in this range.

Factors Affecting Cost

As mentioned, some factors can increase the cost of your sign. Consider these before creating the custom lobby sign if you intend to stick within a set budget. These are:

1. Materials: 

Office lobby signs are made from metal, acrylic, aluminum, or steel. However, while some materials look good, they may cost more than others. For example, the most popular material is acrylic because it’s durable, eye-catching, and offers a variety of customization options. By contrast, wall graphics are more affordable since they are printed over a thin vinyl layer which is cheaper to manufacture. Since acrylic is more versatile, the cost is 30-40% more than wall graphics.

2. Size:

The larger the office sign design, the more it will cost. However, whilst reducing costs by decreasing the size is tempting, the sign should be proportionate to the space. The sign should be enticing and draw attention, and lobby signs that are too small or too large may distract customers or be overlooked.

3. Illumination:

Proper lighting draws attention to your branding and makes it visually stand out. Whilst a logo on an acrylic lobby sign will look outstanding and provide extra dimension, it also increases the cost.

4. Mounting:

Vinyl wall graphics cost significantly less since it does not require mounting hardware – they have adhesive backs so they can stick easily to walls. Other types of material will require additional hardware to fully secure them to your walls.

They can be tricky to install, and you may even need to pay a professional to complete the installation. The hardware type will depend on the weight of the object.

5. Complexity:

Most companies cut out a design using a Computer Numerical Control, or ‘CNC’ machine. Then, the company paints them to provide a perfect finish. Logos that are complex or involve multiple colors can be pricier than those that are straightforward and monotone.

All these elements will factor into the overall costs of creating your sign. If cost is a factor in your decision, most companies will work with you to generate the best, most visually appealing sign to suit your budget. At Optimum Signs we seek to exceed customer expectations, striving to remain on budget, deliver on time, and address concerns promptly. We take pride in our work, and will assist you in generating a lobby sign that is the correct size for your area, draws customer attention, and works for your budget.

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