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Wall murals can turn a boring office wall into a masterpiece of visually pleasing creative branding that wows your customers and inspires your staff. If you thought a bucket of paint and a few pieces of artwork were all that was in store for the walls of your office space, store, or warehouse, think again. Bring beautiful art to your customers or clients, brighten a long hallway, or bring life to a large barren wall, but remember, a wall mural can provide so much more for your space than just aesthetics.

Custom Wall Murals in Restaurant, Retail & Coffee Shop

You might notice wall murals in restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and offices. They are used in a number of ways. Core values, catchy slogans, menus, or your company name are just a few of the ways your business can utilize wall graphics. A restaurant may consider turning a bland wall into a piece of art that customers can feast their eyes on, while a coffee shop may utilize a few well-thought-out wall decals to show off its menu. The opportunities truly are endless.

How to Use Wall Murals or Decals

When considering adding a wall mural to a space, ask yourself what purpose you want the art to provide. Will it bring life to a space and create a beautiful atmosphere, or will it educate your customers on your business’s history or values? Maybe you are trying to create a peaceful environment for a therapist’s office and you’d like clients to feel calm and reflective. A design team can help you bring your vision to life while keeping in mind the logistical side of things.

Benefits of Wall Murals for Office or Business

Wall murals are more cost-effective than other options. At Optimum Signs, we use vinyl to create custom wall murals, graphics, and large and small decals. Vinyl has a few advantages over paint or wallpaper, a few of which are more flexibility with your design, a long-lasting mural, better image quality, and faster installation.

Even large murals generally run lower in cost than other sign options. You’ll get plenty of life out of a well-designed, professionally printed, and installed mural. They provide a simple and effective way to add branding to any area of your property giving you opportunities to share your company’s message in a creative way.

Large or Small Custom Wall Murals

While murals are generally thought of as large, floor-to-ceiling pictures, that’s not the only way they can be used. Smaller murals can be just as effective as large ones. Incorporating graphics or decals on your business’s walls, in an office corner, or on a door, are other forms of effective branding. At Optimum Signs, we cover all of your custom mural and large and small custom decal needs. If you are ready to bring your space to life, up your branding game, or showcase your company’s creativity, reach out to our design team at Optimum Signs for a consultation.