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ADA-compliant signs may seem simple to the uneducated eye. However, this type of official signage is complex to navigate, and there are rules about various factors. Beyond the sign types, there are regulations about a sign’s purpose, placement, and font type, style, and size.

ADA-Compliant Braille Signage

No matter what type of business you have, the signage it has must comply with the ADA requirements. When you’re planning your signage strategy, one of your first steps should be checking the rules and regulations in your area.

Regardless of whether you erect the sign or the property owner, the signage must comply with the law, or you could face legal ramifications. Because this field can be complicated, a sign company can help you navigate the legal pitfalls of ADA-compliant signage, leaving you more time to focus on your primary business.

Here are some of the ADA signage issues that Optimum Signs address:

Official Signs for Locations

Your clients or customers may need help identifying specific areas within your business premises. Visitors should be able to use signage to locate regular and emergency exits, bathrooms, and checkouts. There are specific requirements regarding the locations of these signs, and a sign company can help place your signs in areas that are visible to all of your visitors.

Braille Specifications for ADA Signs

Most official signs need braille lettering to help sight-impaired customers understand where they are. Not only do these signs need braille on them, they should be placed on a specific side of the door they’re identifying.

Text Fonts and Your ADA Signs

Customers or clients must be readily able to see or feel your text signage. Specific text fonts are necessary for the signs to be quickly understandable. The ADA makes it clear that the business owner must only use a particular font in signage. Sans serif fonts meet this mandate because of the clarity in the letter design and spacing. Notably, the sans serif fonts lack embellishments and flourishes, which detract from text clarity.

Pictograms in Signage

Not all ADA signs must have pictograms to meet regulations. However, pictograms are readily understandable and visible to most people, making them ideal for use in these official signs. Plenty of signs, such as gender signage for bathrooms, can benefit from having one or more pictograms. These signs also need to comply with braille and specific font type and size requirements.

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Optimum Signs helps our clients traverse the tricky pathways toward getting up to speed with regulation signs. Contact Optimum Signs online to help get your ADA signs in Milwaukee sorted out today.

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