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custom cut graphicsWhen we start working with a new company, we tend to ask a lot of questions.  You would be surprised at what new business owners don’t know about their companies marketing.  In this case, Layout Landscaping knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want.  It made it that much easier for us to design something that accomplished exactly what they wanted.

One of the things that we point out to all of our customers is that graphics on a vehicle must be easily read so much so that the average potential customer has less than 10 seconds to recognize the graphics and figure out what you do. Anything more than that, your design isn’t simple enough to be effective.

We started with the color of the vehicle, in this case white. A great many of the service vehicles made today are white.  Despite this, you would be surprised how many vehicle we get that aren’t white. From vans to pickups, from box trucks to trailers.  We have seen every color under the sun which makes adding graphics interesting at times.  With a white vehicle we always try to use high contrast colors.  Reds and blacks are very predominate on this kinds of vehicles.  Here, we used a bright orange for the company name and black for the contact information.  A medium teal for the banner beneath the company name completed the layout.  As we were getting ready to produce the graphics, our customer pointed out a number of trailers that they saw that had graphics that had started to change colors.  In the industry, we refer to this as “pinking” because as the prints lose color they tend to become very pink in color.  The reason this happens is because the graphics on the vehicle are exposed to the elements.  Rain, snow and sunlight have disastrous effects on a print that isn’t protected.  That’s why all of Optimum Signs prints, both cut graphics and wraps, are overlaminated with an optically clear laminate. The laminate keeps all of the elements off of the print and stops “pinking”.  When we started the company in 2014 we wrapped a car with a print that had very bold colors and when we finally removed the print, the colors had not faded and looked as good as when we initially installed it.

The installation went without issue and we delivered another great looking vehicle.  If you happen to have a business vehicle that you want to advertise your business with, please give us a call. We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or emailed at info@optimumsignswi.com. We would love to help you your project and show you how to create an effective design that gets your vehicles noticed for the right reason.