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How to Use Wall Murals to Transform Your Office’s Appearance

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There’s no need to grab a bucket of paint to transform the look of your office when you can choose a wall mural instead. We use vinyl sheets with custom-printed designs to create full-wall murals in office spaces. You can add branding, improve the look of your space, and inspire staff and customers alike. How do you get a wall mural that will make a big impact and truly transform the look of your space? Here are some things to consider.

Choose an Accent Wall

Your first consideration should always be where you want to put the wall mural. Different walls in your space will call for different designs and will give you different amounts of room to work with. In general, you want to choose a large wall so that you have room to add a large design. But you can also choose two walls and have the vinyl cover both of them.

Most offices will end up choosing walls in their lobby space or in their first hallway or entrance area. However, choosing large walls behind shared workspaces is another great option.

Focus on Brand Values and Mission

What should the design of your wall mural look like? Your designer can help, but it is smart for you to offer them information about your brand values and your mission. That way they can make a design that will add to your brand and help focus your employee’s energy on what you want to accomplish. Once they have a clear idea of what your brand does and how it wants to be seen, your designer can come up with an original, impactful design to display that.

Add History or Personalization

What if focusing on your brand values or mission isn’t what you want for your wall mural? What if you would rather speak to your brand’s storied history, or make something that each of your employees could have a part in designing? There are lots of other options for your wall mural. If you want to eschew more traditional branding, talk to your designer about other ideas which might work for your space.

Cover Your Office Walls with Murals in Milwaukee

The team at Optimum Signs can help you make all the right design decisions for your office wall murals. We can get you the highest quality vinyl, create a stunning design, and install the mural for you. Reach out to our team to discuss your options for a wall mural in Milwaukee.