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Is Braille Required for ADA Compliant Signage?

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Braille isn’t always required for ADA compliant signage, but it usually is. Braille helps those with impaired sigh understand the signs and is usually required on signs that label rooms. However, the rules are a little more complicated than that and there are more ADA requirements than just braille. If you’re not sure your signs are ADA compliant in Milwaukee, our team can help. Read on to learn the basics of ADA sign compliance and reach out to us for specific advice about your situation.

When is Braille Required?

Braille is required on most kinds of wayfinding signs that you have throughout your property. If a sign is within arm’s reach and it labels a room, those are both good indicators that the sign needs braille. However, some signs will need to fulfill other ADA requirements beyond braille.

Signs that need to follow ADA rules include:

· Bathroom signs

· Accessibility signs

· Emergency signs

· Exit signs

· Door signs

· Wayfinding signs in halls, etc.

Other Requirements of ADA Compliant Signs

Braille is not the only thing that makes or breaks whether a sign meets ADA obligations. The ADA requires other features and elements be included on signs in order to make sure that people with any kind of accessibility issue can still understand your sign.

Other requirements beyond ADA compliant Braille include:

· Pictograms: The International Symbol of Accessibility is a requirement for most ADA signs. Sometimes you also need to include other pictograms which illustrate the meaning of the sign.

· Text rules: Using just any text isn’t allowed. Most signs need to have sans serif fonts, which do not have flourished and which are therefore easier to read.

· Braille rules: It is not enough to just have Braille. Your signs likely need to have Braille #2 with raised or tactile characters. This isn’t quite the same as just using the Braille alphabet to spell out what the sign says. Instead, its like a short form language that makes it easier to read.

ADA Compliant Signs in Milwaukee

You need your signs to be ADA compliant not just to avoid fines but also make sure that each one of your customers is comfortable in your space and knows how to get around it. If you have questions about ADA compliance in Milwaukee, you can reach out to the team at Optimum Signs. Contact us today.