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Lobby Signs: Improving Your Space’s Brand Identity And Visual Appeal

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A positive experience turns into a positive feeling, which is why selecting the right lobby sign for your business is essential. This signage will help establish the tone for your customer’s experience. Custom lobby signage allows you to properly introduce your company and the products and services you offer to customers as they arrive.

Metal lobby signs help customers find their way throughout your business. Creating the ideal lobby sign is not as straightforward as you may think. Sign specialists, in fact, take great care and attention to provide you with suitable signage and designs that will complement your brand.

This blog will outline some tips and tricks on improving your business space by knowing how to choose the right custom office lobby signs.


When discussing brand identity, most people think about logo design, color palette, typography, and tagline. These brand identity elements can create a unified look and feel for a company or product.

·       Include Your Company’s Colors

Using the colors of your brand across all office signage will assist in creating a consistent, identifiable appearance and feel. Incorporating brand colors is a simple way of doing this, as well as building brand recognition. The more customers see your business associated with a particular color, font, or graphic, the deeper the association becomes between the two.

·       Use Logo-Branded Products

Using goods with your company logos, such as mugs, pencils, and notebooks, will assist your staff in developing a sense of pride and ownership. It will also be as effective when you use logos on your lobby signs to act as a reminder of your company’s existence to consumers and visitors.

·       Include Brand Messaging

Including a brand message in your office is a powerful approach to emphasizing your company’s vision and values. Display your company’s logo, tagline, and other critical messaging on wall graphics, window graphics, reception signs, and more.

·       Establish a Dedicated Branding Area

Determine a place in the office that is dedicated to displaying the company’s brand. This might be a logo-adorned wall, a product display, or a mural depicting the company’s principles. You can be as creative as you’d like in this area. The purpose of it is to show employees, clients, and customers that you’re proud of your business and others should be too.

·       Create the Right Atmosphere

As there are a variety of lobby signs, there are different atmospheres that you can actively produce with them. Whether you want to install a modern, acrylic lobby sign to create a welcoming and pleasant office space design, or a metal lobby sign to inspire creativity and innovation, it is up to you! The atmosphere you choose to foster is a significant investment that may boost productivity and client satisfaction.


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