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Custom Double Sided LED Light Box Monument Sign for Staff Electric

Staff Electric LED Monument Sign



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Staff Electric LED Monument Sign Check out this custom LED, double sided monument sign for Staff Electric in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  And it all started with a blank brick wall and the desire to use the wall for their new sign.  That’s where Optimum Signs came in.

When our friends at Staff Electric contacted us we weren’t certain what they wanted. They asked us to meet them at the vacant building on Silver Spring Drive.  When we got there, our contacts were standing around the half wall that faces Silver Spring Drive.  That’s when we figured that this wall would play a big role in what they were looking to do.  They wanted to use the wall in any design we came up with.  Ok.  And they wanted it big.  As large as Menomonee Falls would allow the sign to be.  Got it.  And they wanted it to light up and be very visible from either direction on Silver Spring.  Yup.  So what do we have to work with? The wall is 8″ thick and sits on a loose gravel foundation.  We think there are two posts set in concrete that hold the wall in place, not able to determine what the depth or how much concrete the posts are buried in but it is substantial.  We tested the wall to see how much the wall would move. Then we placed a 4×8 wooden panel on the wall and pushed on that. The wall barely moved at all.  We inspected the mortar joints and CoinJoin all looked great despite being over 10 years old.  So we have a solid base to work from.  Now the what.  Had to be double sided with LED internal lights.  We couldn’t use a regular light box because of the additional weight. Our designers decided on using hollow tube aluminum to make a sign that would slide over the top of the wall.  We skinned the sign with aluminum and primed and painted it using Matthews Exterior Sign paint (3 step process).

A sign this size would have required a special cut of lexan (polycarbonate PVC) because of the size. We would also have had to install special framing to support the polycarb which would have added weight.  So instead we used a flexi face.  Flexi faces are a fabric that is infused with a type of PVC to make the faces weather resistant.  It also helps retain the print on the faces and reduces fade which was very important on a sign like this.  The faces weight less than 14# each. The only thing that detracts from flexi faces is that in extremely cold weather the material can droop a little. It causes waves to appear on the faces until the sun hits the sign.  Some customers are ok with this because it allows us to create much bigger signs without costing much more.

If you need a new monument sign for your business please give Optimum Signs a call. We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or emailed at info@optimumsignswi.com. We would love to assist you in your project.