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custom cut vinyl graphics We have been working with Transfer Pizza for the past 6 years and we have been involved with all aspects of the design, print and install for all of their vehicles.  When Russell came to us, he had a few ideas for what he wanted the graphics to look like.  He had drawn the ideas out on a piece of paper but he wasn’t sure which colors would look the best or even where to locate the elements he wanted.

One of our graphic designers started talking to Russell about what his expectations were and what colors he really liked.  We talked to him about positioning of the elements, rotation of the logo, contrasting colors and ultimately, the final layout.  Once we delivered the design, Russell asked if we could make the design so it could be used on multiple different vehicles.  This only required a very small change to the original design.  With this vehicle, number 4, we had to make a few alterations.  With the grey color, we couldn’t use the red or black color that we used on prior vehicles.  What we decided on was to continue using the sky blue for the stripe but use a true yellow for the logo and company name.  The yellow we decided on was a very high contrast to the grey of the vehicle.  We even added the logo to the roof.  This was interesting because the roof has a number of different surfaces because of the moon roof and the location of the antenna on the roof.  The moon roof proved the least of the concerns as all we had to do is cut and heat the seams of the moon roof.  But the antenna proved a little more difficult.  Because we couldn’t just pull the antenna through the vinyl, we had to cut the graphic from the top of the antenna to the edge of the graphics.  This way we were able to flatten the graphic and tuck the vinyl tightly around the base of the antenna.

I always enjoy talking with customers about their design and this was no different.  You see, a stripe isn’t a stripe.  When you cut vinyl for the side of a car or a boat, as you move from the front to the back, the vinyl has to curve.  For the Fiat 500, the curve is 1″ per foot. Over the 6 feet of the car, we had to curve the vinyl by 6″, which is substantial.  By curving the print, we are able to install the vinyl so that the top edge is parallel to both the ground and the edge of the window molding.  It’s a small thing but it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the stripe. We also used an optically clear laminate so the colors on the graphics won’t fade over time.  The laminate provides an additional layer of protection to the print keeping the elements off of the print.  I know you have seen graphics that weren’t laminated because the colors have begun to fade or even worse, change color. We refer to this as “pinking out” because in many cases, the print actually turns pink.

If you have a fleet of vehicles and you need a company to help you manage the process, please give us a call. We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or email us at info@optimumsignswi.com.  We would love to help you deliver the designs you are looking for.