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Milwaukee, WI – Custom Perforated Window Film for Sport Court Wisconsin



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How do you bring attention to a company car but maintain a high level of professionalism? You want to be noticed, just nothing bold and glaring. You start by call Optimum Signs.

When Alec from Sport Court Wisconsin first talked to us he wasn’t certain what to do. He wanted something that got him noticed, but didn’t want the design to look less than professional. He wanted something that looked good on a maroon colored car. He also had a concern about the logo passing corporate scrutiny. So we had three objectives: pass corporate review; professionalism yet bold; and matching the color of the car.

Our design team took Sport Court of Wisconsin’s logo and played with complimentary and contrasting colors to see if there was a better combination. Nothing that we tried really jumped out. Next we tried colors close to the maroon color of the car with no luck. Finally, we tried to match the color of the car which was the right answer. That’s the great thing about working with a collaborative design team: when you get it right, the design jumps off the screen. For an application like this, side and rear windows, we use 3M’s 50/50 perforated window film. When we laminate the film we are creating a barrier against the elements that looks great today and years from now.

After measuring each corner and edge, we are ready to apply. Window perf is a tricky product to install as the adhesive is very aggressive. When you add the laminate which doesn’t allow the material to stretch, the install can get tough. Once the material is correctly placed, we hinge the material and remove the backing material. Carefully aligning the material, and squeegee into place. A simple trimming of the edges with a very sharp blade and we have another great design and install.

If you are looking for perforated window film for a fleet of vehicles or just one, please give us a call at 262.289.9481 or email us at info@optimumsignswi.com.
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