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Custom Box Truck WrapOne of the nice things about buying a 24′ white box truck is that it really gives you a blank slate to use to market your business.  But what happens when white isn’t in the approved color scheme for vehicles? You call Optimum Signs and get one of our designers to work up a design that takes advantage of this 24′ mobile billboard.

Larger corporations tend to have some pretty tight standards when it comes to marketing and designing a wrap for a box truck would be no exception.  We started with the standard list of approved colors and layouts.  With this vehicle we started with white. White box and a white cab.  One of the nice things about designing for this company is that they LOVE color. They love bold and bright designs, definitely one of our favorite customers.  We started with a bright a brilliant blue, a blue that would compliment a lighter blue that we would use for the cab.  When we placed the main colors on the truck (while designing) we knew that this was the correct combination.  The rest of the design came from corporate headquarters and their marketing team.  Once again, once we placed the logo, it just looked right.  Our customer and his corporate offices also agreed.  This was one of the fastest a large scale design came together in just under a couple of hours.

Before we started printing the wrap, we ran our printer through a software application that calibrates the color outputs against a charge of colors. The software calculates a numeric value for each color and applies it to the printer assuring almost perfect color replication.  Next, we started the head cleaning application on the printer. This runs the print heads through a process that cleans and realigns the print heads. It also tests the heads to make sure that they are operating properly.

We also decided on using Avery 1105RS premium wrap grade vinyl for this wrap.  The Avery product has a long history of being a very consistent material that works great around rivets.  See, rivets are the wrap installers bane.  Each rivet introduces an opportunity for the wrap to fail because the material wants to lay flat, each rivet forces the material to tent.  Every single rivet has to be heated and squeegeed to make sure that the vinyl doesn’t release and cause the wrap to fail.   We wrapped over 9,000 rivets on the box truck to make sure that nothing would release.

The cab was a puzzle that only an experienced wrap installer should tackle.  Between the contours and lack of flat surfaces this was a challenge.  I’m not sure if you can see or not but there isn’t one visible seam on the cab.  My guys are some of the best installers in the business.  We also decided to add the graphics on the doors by using cut graphics because that gave our installers the ability to worry about hiding the seams and not be tied to having to square and align the printing on the doors.

If you happen to have a box truck or a fleet of box trucks please give us a call. We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or email us at info@optimjumsignswi.com. We would love to help you with your project.