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It’s always nice to do business with those that do business with us.  Gregg Heating has been my HVAC company for my home for over 18 years and now that they purchased a couple of new vehicles, we got the design and install the new graphics for their vans.

Gregg Heating and A/C is a family owned, residential HVAC company that does all forms of residential HVAC.  I came to work with them one January evening while away from home on business.  My wife called me to tell me that the furnace hasn’t kicked in and the temperature in the house was dropping. Both my wife and young daughter were wearing winter jackets and were about to leave the house to go to a family members house to stay warm.  I remember that I met Greg, the owner, at a prior job I had and he always finished our discussions with the line “if you ever need anything, please call”.  Sounds like I needed some help, so I called.  I left a message with the after hours group expecting to not hear from anyone as I had already called a dozen companies.  Not 30 minutes later, my phone rings and it’s Greg.  I explained the situation and he said that he would care for it.  So at 1030 at night, the owner of the company shows up at my house to fix my furnace. It was a simple fix but we haven’t had anyone else touch our equipment since. (Thegamedial)   They are that good of a company.

The vans were pretty straight forward: their logo (really big) on the side of the vans.  We recreated their logo because the last company they worked with didn’t provide the logo in a vector format and the logo they had was about 3″ x 4″.  We printed the logos on premium wrap grade vinyl with optically clear laminate. The material allows us to deliver brilliant colors and longtime “wearability” while the laminate protects the colors from the elements,  A few formatting changes and proper positioning on the van and we were done.

If you have a commercial fleet of one or many more, we can help.  Optimum Signs has years of experience designing and installing bright, brilliant graphics that get your company noticed.  We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or contacted via email at info@optimumsignswi.com.