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For New Berlin businesses looking to amplify their branding and stand out from competitors, custom vehicle wraps offer an impactful and cost-effective solution. Optimum Signs, a leading sign company located in nearby Menomonee Falls, specializes in creating custom wraps that transform trucks, trailers, and all types of fleets into moving billboards.

The Powerful Benefits of Wraps

Brand Awareness & Exposure

The #1 benefit of custom vehicle wraps is the unmatched brand exposure they provide. As wrapped vehicles travel through New Berlin and surrounding cities, the vibrant, colorful wraps catch eyes everywhere they go, providing constant brand impressions.

The wraps create awareness and recognition, embedding your brand into locals’ minds. This awareness makes them more likely to check out or use your business next time they have a related need.

Protection & Beautification

An underrated benefit of wraps is the protection and beautification they provide for fleets. The vinyl material shields original paint from scratches, dings, discoloration, and sun damage. This maintains resale value and a professional appearance.

The wraps don’t just protect – they drastically elevate fleet aesthetics with eye-grabbing colors/designs. This makes fleets true assets that reinforce branding rather than afterthoughts.

Cost-Effective Advertising

For their immense exposure and protection value, wraps provide a very high ROI compared to most traditional advertising avenues. Whereas a billboard or TV ad reaches limited groups for a short period, wraps advertise to thousands daily over years.

As New Berlin wrapped vehicles move throughout the community, advertising happens organically without recurring media costs. The initial wrap investment pays dividends for years via exponential impressions.

Reinforce Brand Professionalism

Wraps don’t just provide exposure – they reinforce branding in a way that elevates perceived professionalism and legitimacy. Plain, unwrapped fleets look generic. But vibrant, uniform wraps make fleets true visual assets.

This visual representation of professionalism and attention-to-detail subconsciously makes customers more likely to trust your business. Your personality and commitment to quality is on full display.

Full Customization for Maximum Impact

Businesses all have unique identities and value propositions. Our design team works closely with New Berlin clients to fully understand their brand and products. Then, we create wrap concepts that reflect unique identities while effectively communicating offerings.

Whether you want to predominantly feature branding elements like logos, or focus more on product/lifestyle imagery, our team helps create wraps with maximum visual impact.

The Optimum Signs Design Process

Streamlined & Collaborative

The design process with Optimum Signs is highly collaborative. It starts with an in-depth consultation to understand overall branding, target audiences, goals, and fleet composition. Designers then create concepts for feedback until landing on an optimal direction.

We then make approvals and revisions simple by providing online proofs. The streamlined process allows rapid visualization of ideas so wraps can get into production quickly.

Both Partial & Full Wraps

Truck and trailer wraps come in two main formats – partial or full wraps. Partial wraps only cover certain sections of vehicles, usually the rear doors and sides. This provides ample branding exposure while keeping costs reasonable.

Full wraps encompass the entire vehicle – sides, front, back, and usually the roof and hood too. This provides maximum exposure but also comes with a higher cost. We help clients weigh the pros and cons of each.

Attention-Grabbing & Long-Lasting Materials

The materials used are crucial for creating wraps that truly grab attention while enduring years outside. High-performance vinyl materials feature strong pigments and UV inhibitors that prevent fading even in harsh sunlight.

The vinyls also feature air release technology for quick, bubble-free installation. Optimum only uses proven materials from leading manufacturers like 3M.

Precision Installation

Even the best wrap materials mean little without pristine installation. Optimum Sign’s experienced installation crew uses specialized techniques for flawless mounting.

We use extreme care aligning panels and working around contours. This meticulous approach prevents lifting or bubbles. It also maintains the original paint condition so wraps can later be removed without issues.

Seamless Wrap Removal

Wraps are meant to be semi-permanent – staying crisp for around 5 years until branding/design refresh needs arise. When it’s time for removal, we utilize specialized techniques to remove wraps without damaging underlying paint. This allows new wraps to go on and maintains resale value.

The removal process is simple and low risk thanks to the air release vinyls we use. Heat tools allow the vinyls to release cleanly from the paint surface once their service period concludes.

For New Berlin businesses seeking amplified branding and exposure for their fleet, custom vehicle wraps check all the boxes. Optimum Sign’s wraps turn fleets into impactful mobile billboards while streamlining maintenance.

The combination of striking design and impeccable installation takes fleet branding to the next level. And our materials ensure wraps maintain their impressive appearance for years before eventual seamless removal.

Ready to transform your trucks, trailers or fleet into rolling ads? Contact Optimum Signs for a consultation on how custom wraps can expand your New Berlin-based business’s reach.