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Commercial building signs are essential on every property, from restaurants and retail to office buildings and manufacturing plants, to schools and hospitals. Building signs are so essential because every organization needs to broadcast that they are in their building. But, a building sign isn’t just a matter of practicality. It is a highly important investment for your business that should reflect your brand precisely and appeal to your ideal customers. Your success is, in part, dependent on the quality of your business sign.

We’re building sign makers in Milwaukee who can walk you through how to choose the very best building sign for your property.  

Searching for a great local sign company?

Whether you need to convert from fluorescent to LED, replace the faces on a tired, worn out sign, or rebranding your retail location, Optimum Signs can help. We specialize in multi site rebranding and LED conversions having over 100 locations under our belt in the past year. Reface a monument sign because of a company name change? We got you. We also can fabricate a new set of channel letters, box sign or just about anything you might need. Give us a call and experience the Optimum difference.

The Types of Building Signs Available to You

As the primary sign of your exterior, this represents some of your most essential exterior sign decisions. While supporting signs play a role, this one will define the perception of your brand. So, choosing the right type for your needs is essential. Some types of building signs you may consider include:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Awning signs
  • Dimensional letter signs
  • Lighted building signs

Uses for Building Signs

When you choose a building sign, it will fulfill several different uses for you. It’s important to keep those uses in mind when you’re designing it so that you get a sign that will be the most successful. Some of those uses include:

  • Brand promotion: Promote your brand with a sign that is perfectly customized to it. We can replicate your brand font and colors and make other decisions about lighting and mounting that reflect your brand.
  • Foot traffic: Building signs can help you get more traffic in the door, whether by appealing to customers or helping those who already wanted to visit find their way.
  • Distance: Larger signs are more visible from a distance and appeal to more people.
  • Nighttime: Lit signs can help you make an impact even at night. 

The Cost of Building Signs

What will a building sign cost? It depends on the kind that you choose and the size of the sign you need. Of course, there are also operating costs for lighted building signs. We can help you estimate both the cost of the kind of sign you are thinking of and the operating costs. We’ll work with you to keep your sign within your budget. 

Work with Optimum Signs for Your Optimal Building Sign

If you are looking for “building signs near me” and you live in Milwaukee, you have found the right company. Optimum Signs offers custom commercial building signs for any company. Our expert team knows how to design a sign that will positively represent your brand and appeal to people. Contact us today.

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