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Your vehicle works for you, but does it also advertise you? Any and all vehicles driven for commercial purposes, from transport trucks to food trucks, can use vehicle wraps to do even more for your business. A well-designed wrap can elevate your brand, attract new clients, and help improve brand recognition for your company, among many other benefits. Discover more and why you should choose Optimum Signs to design your commercial vehicle wrap below.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Why choose a commercial vehicle wrap? There are many benefits of commercial vehicle wraps, including:


Wraps are an up-front cost that pays off very well down the road. In the lifetime of the wrap, you can get hundreds or thousands of impressions (all depending on where in Milwaukee you park or drive it.) The cost per impression can be exceptionally low, giving you more value for your marketing dollars.

Local advertising:

You don’t need to “target” the right people with vehicle advertising, you automatically reach the people in your service area. After all, you drive right by them and you park in their neighborhoods.

Entirely custom:

Vehicle wraps are large, blank canvases that you can cover with any kind of design that will further your company and your goals. That includes promoting the brand in general and products or services in particular.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Wrap Available

There are a few different kinds of vehicle wraps you can choose from, and each can be outfitted with a custom design that best promotes your business. The types include:

Full vehicle wrap with roof:

Full wraps with a roof cover the entire vehicle, apart from the windows, which remain unobstructed. These wraps are often the most impactful.

Partial vehicle wrap:

A partial wrap only covers a large portion of the vehicle, not the whole thing.

Vehicle window wrap:

You can also wrap windows with a special kind of vinyl that can be seen through by the driver and anyone inside but appear opaque from the outside. They are useful for providing and then selling advertising on large vehicles such as buses.

Lettering and decals:

Smaller than partial wraps, decals may only be a single circle on the side of the vehicle. Lettering is vinyl added one letter at a time.

Not sure what kind of vehicle wrap would best suit your purposes? The design team at Optimum Signs can help you make your decision with budget and value in mind.  

Which Businesses Choose Commercial Vehicle Wrapping?

Any kind of business with a commercial vehicle can benefit from a wrap. However, some businesses find wraps to be the most valuable type of sign. These include:

  • Shipping and transport
  • Contractors
  • Food trucks
  • Real estate agents
  • Entertainers
  • Tool and supply companies
  • Outdoor sporting companies
  • Event companies

Free Commercial Vehicle Wrap Consultation in Milwaukee

Optimum Signs can help you with a stunning, powerful design for your vehicle wraps that will be sure to get your brand message out there. Reach out to us to get started.