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Six Unique Custom Wall Graphic Ideas

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Wall graphics are easily customizable and lend well to truly unique sign ideas. In an office building, on the exterior wall in your parking lot, inside a spa, or on a retail wall, the best wall graphics are always the unique ones. So here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing if you’re looking for “wall graphics near me” in Milwaukee.

1. Surf’s Up

Have your graphic custom cut to the shape of an element in your wall graphic. One great example is to have the graphic edges be the ocean edges in a surfing mural. But there are many other ways to spin this graphic idea.

2. Around the Bend

While many focus on placing their wall mural graphic on just one wall, you don’t need to limit yourself like that. You can have a wall graphic that goes around the corner of your wall, carrying your design from one room to the other seamlessly. This helps to create a sense of cohesion throughout your workspace.

3. Corporate Quilt

Make your wall graphics each a unique square that represents one person in the office, and then put up all the squares in a quilt pattern. It’s the corporate version of a family quilt and it can help people have a sense of belonging.

4. Add Texture

It can get old looking at the same four walls all day, especially if nothing is interesting about them. Turn one of these into a textured accent wall. Get the look of brick or wood paneling in no time and transform the feeling of your space.

5. Go Home

Organizations that have deep roots in the community, or deep roots somewhere else, might have a map on their wall. For example, an Italian restaurant may choose to have a large map of Italy on one of its walls.

6. Light It Up

Wall graphics don’t have to stand on their own. One of the best ways to make them more interesting is to place lights on the ceiling above them. This can help you draw more attention to the design and space, making your graphics much more effective.

Wall Graphics Near Me

If you’re in Milwaukee, you can reach out to Optimum Signs for unique wall graphic ideas that work for your company. We offer interior and exterior wall graphics that can express any idea you’d like. Contact us today to get started.