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West Bend, WI – Halo Lit LED Channel Letters for Cafe Floriana with Cloud Backer

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Now that’s an impressive sign! Our customer, Cafe Floriana located in West Bend, needed a sign that would really stand out but there were a few restrictions placed on us and the design by the property owner.  It all added up to one interesting project.

Cafe Floriana is located in West Bend and specializes in coffee, espresso,  light breakfast fare, and soup and sandwiches.  They provide a high quality fare for a modest price.  When they approached us to build the sign for them, they had been working with a smaller sign company in West Bend that just hadn’t been able to get the design correct. (Zolpidem)   The sizes were wrong and conflicted with the sign code, the colors and layout conflicted with the property owners sign requirements and the overall look didn’t excite our customer.  So basically, we were starting from the beginning.

We started with the city sign code.  Because the building is a historical building, we had size and design limitations.  Not a big deal.  Now we applied the building owners requirements and things started to get interesting.  Two of the requirements actually conflicted with city ordinances so we had to coordinate a meeting with the property owner and the city to iron out the conflicts.  Once that was done we had a working plan for the sign.  Our customer was set on having halo lit channel letters. This does provide a very distinctive look.  The only issue was that the sign code required that the channel letters be mounted on a raceway to contain all the wiring and power supplies.  If we just went ahead and mounted halo letters on a raceway, the light would reflect off of the raceway and you would be able to see the raceway from the street. This isn’t the look that we want.  We decided the best way to give our customer what she wanted was to cut out a “cloud” backer to mount the channel letters on before mounting them to the raceway.  This way the light reflected off of the white backer and hid the raceway completely.  The perfect look for this sign.

So if you have a business and you are looking for a new sign or if you are looking to rebrand your business, please give us a call.  We love to help companies achieve the look and feel for their business, both simple and complex.  We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or emailed at info@optimumsignswi.com.