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Why is ADA Sign Location So Critical?

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Signage plays an essential role in business promotion, but there is one type of sign that no American company should overlook: ADA signage. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a law that assures that those who are visually, or hearing challenged, as well as those who have difficulties communicating, may easily access a company or facility. Custom ADA signs should be part of every company signage plan.

Creating personalized ADA signs increases the visibility and efficacy of the signs. They may be personalized with contrasting phrases, images, and background colors while staying consistent with your brand’s aesthetic. Optimum Signs will ensure that your ADA office signs are up to date to prevent penalties and permit revocation.

Best Sports To Install Your ADA Signs

Finding the perfect spot to install your signage is important, as it can enhance the customer experience, foster inclusivity, and help establish your company as a trustworthy brand.

  • Welcoming Entrances: The entrance of your business sets the tone for your entire customer experience. So, by installing custom ADA signs near your entrance, or right after people walk in, you’re demonstrating that you encourage an inclusive environment. Use designs or colors that reflect your brand while still ensuring that it complies with the law.
  • Encourage Seamless Navigation: Install your signs by restrooms, elevators, conference rooms, and exits. Incorporate Braille, clear symbols, and directional arrows to ensure accessibility for individuals with impairments or disabilities and make for easier navigation within your workspace.
  • Interact With People: Cater to all people! For example, if you own a restaurant or a store, place your ADA signs near accessible seating, charging stations, or self-service kiosks. Use creative designs, and incorporate QR codes that link to audio descriptions, or sign language videos. This will allow for a far more positive experience.
  • Empower Your Workspace: For businesses with office spaces, ADA signs create a healthy culture for your employees. Install signs that show where accessible parking spots are, accessible workstations, entrances, and more! Install these signs in meeting rooms, restrooms, and in your employee lunchroom.
  • Go Digital: Remember, the online world is just as important. Provide alternative text for images and captions for videos on your website.

Even though ADA signs are mandatory, there are still ways to be creative with them. Don’t forget to incorporate any relevant designs that represent your brand so that you can maintain a cohesive brand image. Other things you should keep in mind are:

  • The ADA specifies a text height size range of 5/8 – 2 inches. You need to allow a height allowance of 2 inches per line of text.
  • Allow 2 times the height of the characters, plus 1 inch per line of Braille, for bigger writing.
  • Pictograms must be at least 6 inches tall.
  • The text must be in a plain, sans-serif font of medium or bold weight. A tactile sign must be written in ALL CAPS. Italics, scripts, and other difficult-to-read typefaces are not permitted.
  • Only visible signage, such as overhead signage, may be in lowercase.

Looking For Quality ADA Signs Near Me?

Optimum Signs is your one-stop shop for expert custom made ADA signs in Milwaukee. We understand that there are several factors to consider when developing and installing proper signage. We will work with you throughout the design and installation processes to ensure that you have signs that will successfully aid customers in your business.

Contact us today for a free quote regarding your custom ADA signs.