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Banners are an economical means to get your marketing message out to the public. In many cases, they can be a quick and easy solution to your short-term advertising needs. Custom Banners can be printed on vinyl, polypropylene, mesh, and a handful of other materials depending on your specific designs and requirements. Banners can be flat with grommets, mesh (large scale), come with a retractable banner stand, utilize X frames, or even function as flags.

Flat custom banners are one of the most popular yet cost effective ways to convey a simple message to your customers. Most times these are printed on 13oz vinyl and have bonded edges with grommets to allow you to display the banner with ease. In addition, we can cut wind slits in the banners to allow them to survive wind and other harsh weather. As these types of banners are a short-term solution, we recommend these for interior applications or for short-term exterior use (3 months). Another important factor to take into consideration is that most municipalities have sign codes that regulate the amount of time that you can display a temporary banner. Since most banners are not laminated, their life expectancy is dependent on the weather–including sun, wind, and rain–which all serve to degrade the vinyl. In a pinch, these banners can even last over a year and still look great, however we advise against trying this unless absolutely necessary.

Mesh banners can be used as either flat panels or as flags. Most mesh banners are used for large scale projects where the expected life of the banner is longer. The reason these banners live longer is because the mesh is printed via dye sublimation– a process where the ink is infused into the mesh making the print almost indestructible. The poly coat on the mesh makes it nearly immune to the weather and allows the wind to pass through it easily. This is the perfect substrate for outside uses or long lasting applications.

Put Your Message on Display with Banners

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Pop up or retractable banner stands are specifically designed for interior applications. The stand allows for quick deployment of full color graphics for trade fairs, job fairs, or just about any interior advertising need. The stands come in several varieties, from the most inexpensive to those that are designed to hold up to the rigors of multiple trade shows. For most customers,  we recommend printing these types of banners on a 13oz banner material. While this material holds ink well, it is important to note that the edges will curl with time. This option is designed for the short term or single use instances. For the customer attending and participating in repeat trade shows, we recommend printing these on polypropylene as the material is sturdier and remains flat for years. In addition,  the material is very good at holding a print and is quite durable.

Banner flags come in many shapes and sizes and are also printed using dye sublimation–which makes them perfect for outdoor use. In addition, depending on your needs, we can print these banners either single or double-sided. When we print double-sided, we insert a liner between the two panels so that neither panel shows through to the opposite side. One of the main factors to consider when choosing a banner flag is the sturdiness of the hardware. Our banner flag hardware comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage, meaning that if it does break, we will replace the hardware.

Our focus is on maintaining our reputation for superior product quality, and most importantly– ensuring your satisfaction! 

More about Banners

Banner signs are a simple, temporary alternative to a larger sign. Banners are great for advertising fundraisers, new products, temporary promotions, and the like. They are also a perfect way to show off your company. Banners can also be used in place of monument signschannel letters, and other larger signs while you wait on city permits or company approval. In addition, they are easy to move, maintain, and store–meaning you can use them for quite a decent amount of time! 


  • HAVE A STRONG HEADING: Users are drawn to creative copy like “Free,” “On Sale,” and “Today Only,”. Use an intriguing copy that complements the heading. Keep the message brief and to the point, while still providing adequate information.
  • CREATIVE SCRIPT: Users are drawn to creative copy like “Free,” “On Sale,” “Today Only,” and so on. Use an intriguing copy that complements the heading. Keep the message brief and to the point while still providing adequate information.
  • HAVE AN EFFECTIVE CALL TO ACTION: To be effective, every polyvinyl (PVC) banner must include a strong call to action. Customers notice the advertisement and file it away in their memory bank. Also, make your call to action visually appealing in terms of size, shape, and color by using bright colors and interesting shapes.
  • ONLY ONE OFFER PER MESH BANNER: Throwing too much at customers all at once may cause confusion, resulting in missing out on your offer entirely. If listing all the products is necessary, installing multiple banners within the same campaign may be advantageous.
  • COMPLIMENT AND BLEND IN: When designing trade show display banners, use colors that complement and blend in with your business brand. Banners that look like they belong to your business will increase trust in the ad. Blend in and gain the trust of potential customers.

Other Design Tips

  • For hanging banners that will be hung indoors and away from the natural light, glossy banners will work best. Matte-finished banners are best for outdoor use. When you hang glossy banners outside during the day, the glare can make it difficult to read the words.
  • If you intend to reuse your retractable banners, avoid including information that can easily change, such as a price point or a date. It is preferable to advertise “Everything 50% Off Regular Price-This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday” rather than “All Meals Only $5.99 on Saturday, May 12.” You will end up with banners that can be reused repeatedly.
  • Determine the space required to hang your banners with care. Take measurements when possible. Consider how you might hang the banners. They can be outfitted with grommets for roping banners or pockets for slipping poles through. Consider the space required to stretch the banner if you are using ropes to tighten the banner corners.

There are a lot of things you need to consider in designing a banner. But worry not, we at Optimum Signs are here to assist you every step of the way. From design to installation, our expert sign makers will help you achieve your goals.

Want to design your own banner?

Here at Optimum Signs, our designers strive to create banners that match exactly what you want. What can you include on your banner design, you ask? Anything. Pictures, bullet points, graphs, statistics, and even short paragraphs are all great ideas for your company’s custom banners. If you have the information you want on the banner–we’ll take care of it! Don’t forget, you can add logos, phone numbers, and email addresses too. 

Not only can you design your banners exactly how you need them to look, you can also choose from a variety of styles. Of course, there are the banners you hang on the side of a building–but we offer much more than just those. Choices include vertical banner stands, hanging banners, and even ones that you can string up in the front yard. The best part is that out of all these options, they’re all easy to set up and take down, so you can move and switch out banners whenever you’d like.


Most banners are made from vinyl, but we can offer custom materials for banners if you need them. Vinyl offers a low price point combined with durability, customizability, and attractive finishes. You can even place some vinyl banners outside. Work with us to find the best banner material for your business.

Yes, we offer double-sided banners. If you’d like one, please let us know as early in the ordering process as possible. Double-sided banners offer you more visual real estate to make your impact, and people can view them from two directions which is also beneficial for creating more impact.

There are a variety of ways that you can hang your banner to display it. Which is best will depend on where you want the banner. Most commonly people use banner stands to hang their banners. But you can also mount them on a wall or hang them from a ceiling.

Yes, banners are a highly effective way to advertise. They are visually interesting, can be hung in places that people may not be expecting them (which helps grab attention), and can have an eye-catching color or design. They are effective, especially for events, institutions, and sales.

There are no real guarantees in the world of advertising, but the better your banner design, and the better spot you place it in, the more business it will attract. We’re sign experts who can help you get a design that will yield results, whether you want more business or have other goals in mind.

There are many opportunities to use large banners for advertising. Commonly, larger banners are used to help attract attention at trades shows. They are also used at the side of the road, where their larger text makes them easier to see while people are driving. They can even be used indoors as well.

Double-sided banners are great for any spot where people may be approaching either side of the banner or may look at either side. They are great for sidewalks, indoors (especially at events), and in parking lots. They aren’t useful if you’re hanging the banner up on a wall or other opaque surface.

A custom banner can have any size font that you need. We can show you several different mock-ups with different size text so you can assess what looks good and what is readable. We can also include multiple sizes of text on a banner to maximize the space and the readability.

Pricing is determined by the number of banners you need, the size of the banners, and the complexity of the design. For pricing on a specific banner, contact us for a free quote.