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Looking for a company that specializes in exterior signs?

We’ve got your back! Optimum Signs has experience with all kinds of exterior signage. Whatever it is you need, we’ve got it. As always, our designers will help you come up with a brilliant, eye-catching design for your exterior signs. Then we’ll quickly and efficiently install it for you, helping to put your company on the radar. In addition, we relay all aspects of the project back to you, so you’re kept in the loop about even the smallest design changes!

What Types of Exterior Signage Does Optimum Signs Make?

The term “exterior signs” covers a wide range of options. In the simplest terms, any sign that goes outside of your building is an exterior sign. What type of exterior sign you want is based entirely on the appearance you’re looking for and the specific needs of your company. However, the process is completely worth it– what a better way to get yourself and your company noticed than a new outdoor sign.

Types of exterior signs you can install for your business:

Storefront & Building Signs – Any sign attached to your building or installed in front of the store can be used to draw more customers in. You can use it for advertising new products or promotions, or to simply inform customers of business hours. Consider having 3D channel letters or electronic messages to make the signage more attractive. Talk to our design experts to create custom signs that align with your goals and attract the right audience. 

Lighted Signs – Even outside business hours, a lit sign is still visible to your potential customers. Remember, more exposure to your brand means more opportunities to convert a regular to a paying customer. These signs are also durable and designed with high-quality resistant materials, making them a cost-effective option. As long as you can get the right message across, a glowing sign can be an effective tool for attracting more customers to go inside a store or a restaurant. Work with us to create enticing signage that represents your brand’s value.

Canopy & Awning Signs – Business signs attached to an awning or a canopy have the potential to attract more customers to your store or restaurant. It’s also a cost-effective way of displaying new products or promotions. For cafes or restaurants, an awning sign doesn’t just attract customers but also offers additional space and protects your customers from the sun or the rain. Our design experts can work with different types of materials including cotton canvas, metal, vinyl, or acrylic. Talk to us to learn more about our services. 

Monument Signs – This type of signage is usually made with stone, plastic, or stainless steel. Some have channel letters, dimensional letters, and LED displays to attract more attention to people passing by. Illuminated signs have a more significant impact and are also visible 24/7, an excellent option for businesses that want to grow their business. You may need one of these signs if you want more visibility or to boost your marketing efforts.

Window Graphics – Advertise a new product or conceal a space by putting up window graphics usually attached to the glass. Translucent graphics can be seen at nighttime, making them excellent for advertising. Transparent graphics are see-through, perfect when you want passersby to see the inside of your store. Window graphics are versatile as they’re not permanent; you have the option to change them as you see fit. 

We are a full-service outdoor signage company in Milwaukee committed to providing high-quality services to all customers. We can install almost any type of outdoor signage including custom sign panels, banners, cabinet signs, and storefront signs. Get a free outdoor sign consultation today or get in touch with us to learn how we can help your business. 

#1 Outdoor Signage Company in Milwaukee

The process of determining what kind of exterior sign you need can be complicated, so we’ll walk through it with you. As we work together to design the sign, we make sure to give you the best options for your situation. We’ll help you take into consideration how much space you have, what look you want, and exactly what you need from your exterior sign in order to help find the best fit for your business. 

Here at Optimum Signs, we take pride in the quality of our work. That means that all of our exterior signs are weather resistant and durable, so that you get your money’s worth. Our designers are also trained to utilize the space you have as efficiently as possible, so that your company can get the most out of your new exterior sign. Contact us today to get started on planning your new exterior sign!

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