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Trying to find a company to design and install your new lobby signs?

Custom Lobby signs, by comparison to other options, tend to grant you the most artistic freedom when it comes to design, layout, and color scheme–allowing you to pick what is going to be most effective for your individual needs. Obviously, every company has a unique brand or trademark that when displayed properly, will leave you with an effective and eye-catching signs. Acrylic, metal, PVC, aluminum, steel, or any other substrate can make for a great lobby sign.  Depending on the design, we can even add custom lighting. Overall, the only true limit is your imagination.

One of the most popular types of lobby signs is the custom cut acrylic lobby sign. For acrylic lobby signs, we take your logo and cut it from a piece of acrylic–anywhere from ½” to 1” thick–using a CNC machine. Depending on the size of the sign, we install either 2” studs or utilize interior double-sided tape to secure it. We then complete the process by either painting the sign or applying custom-printed vinyl to provide the perfect finish for your logo.

Wall Graphics are the quickest and most affordable type of wall sign. We start by printing your design on a thin layer of vinyl, after which we laminate over the design with either a matte or a gloss finish, giving you multiple options when it comes to how you want the final product to look. One important detail to take note of–we always test the wall prior to applying the graphics. Most common wall paints today have several stain releasing ingredients that make it either difficult or impossible for vinyl to adhere to the wall. Because of this, it is imperative that we always check to determine when the wall was last painted in order to avoid installation problems. Never fear–there are ways to work around this complication. If the wall was painted in the last year, we can dig into the paint in such a way as to allow the vinyl graphics to adhere to the wall–meaning that no matter how recent your last painting project was, we can still work with you in order to provide you with the best set of wall graphics possible.

Types of Custom Lobby Signs for Success

3-Dimensional Letters
Illuminated Signs
Cut Metal Letters & Logos
Panel Signs
Custom Printed Vinyl Wall Graphics
Reception Signs

Acrylic Lobby Signs are one of the most popular choices for businesses to brand their office walls. The signs typically mount flush to the wall using either studs for larger signs or double-sided tape. The signs can be created in standard acrylic colors, or we can paint the acrylic with a custom color to better suit your needs. We have also printed custom graphics and applied the vinyl directly to the face of the acrylic in order to provide our customers with a truly personalized look. In addition to traditional options, we can also use acrylic laminate on ½” thick industrial foam. While less common, this product gives a dimensional look and a total thickness of about ¾”. It works well in larger offices or with corporate logos that have a large variety of colors in their logo. These signs can be almost any size ranging from 2” letters to 4’ letters. These signs offer such a wide range of options that the only limit is your creativity. That being said, it is important to note that due to giving you more options and better quality, pricing for acrylic signs runs 30-40% more than vinyl wall graphics.

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs have also started to catch on–several companies have recently begun using aluminum as the base material. Optimum Signs, however, started using aluminum almost 6 years ago and has perfected the design and manufacturing aspects of these signs. We start with aluminum then add the necessary finish–whether that’s brushing, anodizing, or acid treating the sign–we can do it all. In addition to the many finish options we offer, we can also add color to the surface of the sign to mimic different types of metal. These signs are almost exclusively installed using studs because of their weight. Most of these signs are smaller than their acrylic counterparts because even though the signs are made from aluminum, they still weigh almost double what acrylic does. It is also important to note that due to increased durability, metal signs cost about 20-35% more than acrylic signs.

What are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs are just that–sings that go in your lobby. We can add some color to your lobby with a glowing electronic logo sign or add some color to the front desk with a decorative panel sign. No matter how big or small your business is, we can help you add some flare in a way that draws attention to your product with a great new lobby sign!


Lobby signs are some of the most fun signs to make and design. The design is entirely up to you, as always–so you can rest assured that your sign will be exactly what you want. Our designers will be able to help you assess your lobby and determine the best way to jazz up your lobby. That way, you can make sure that all eyes are on your product in your lobby or showroom.

Even if you just want to add a decorative panel somewhere to brighten up the room, we can take good care of it for you. Our designers always to their best in order to ensure that you’re beyond happy with the final product. We’ll also install your signs in a timely fashion, so that there is as little interference with the daily workflow in your lobby. Let us leave your lobby looking spectacular. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lobby sign is a dedicated sign in your lobby that is meant to promote your brand, provide a landmark for your space, and make a good impression on guests and clients. Lobby signs should be custom designed for your specific brand to make the best impression possible on your potential customers.

Lobby signs are completely custom-made, so the cost will vary between signs. You can get less expensive signs made of vinyl or you can add sturdier materials and lighting to make a more effective sign that is more expensive. We can work with your budget to provide you with the best custom signage available.
Lobby signs are made to be permanent installments but, with the help of a professional sign company like Optimum Signs, they can be removed, replaced, or updated. It is important to keep in mind that vinyl lobby signs may wear down after several years of use.
Digital lobby signs have lighting and computerized controls, so they are more expensive than other kinds of lobby signs. We can give you a clear cost estimate for your specific lobby sign.
Backlit lobby signs are signs where the light is placed behind the letters of the sign. This creates a “halo-like” effect on three-dimensional letters or channel letters. These kinds of signs are usually also made of metal or another material that can withstand the light safely.
As lobby signs are custom-made, they can vary in time frames based on materials, sizing, and workload. We will give you an estimate on when your sign will be ready to be installed after you have approved the final design.
There is no specific rule for how large or small your lobby sign should be, but it should make a statement. Our team of experts will be able to assess the space you have available and offer advice on the sizing of your lobby sign.
All kinds of lobby signs are good for a business as they help develop your brand identity and help clients and guests connect with that identity. The lobby sign that is best for your business depends on the brand identity that you want to cultivate. Ideally, your sign should reflect and enhance it.
Lobby signs help clients and guests confirm that they have arrived at the right place. They help build your brand identity and make it more complex and palpable. They may also contribute to the beauty and the atmosphere of your lobby and your property overall. All of these have positive impacts on your business.
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