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SERVING THE GREATER WAUKESHA COUNTY AREA including Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, new berlin, WI

To be as functional as possible for your business, your office space needs the kind of clarity and character only offered by signs. Custom office signs in Milwaukee are used to help staff and customers get to the right office, make your lobby a branded space, or meet safety regulations by pointing out exits or labeling areas in braille. The team at Optimum Signs can help you get a whole new set of office signs, or help you improve on just that one key kind of sign you’re missing. Explore your options below.

Your Options for Office Signs in Milwaukee

Every office is a little bit different and needs a different sign design. However, the types of signs that different offices need often overlap. The most common types of office signs include:

  • Office name plates
  • Lobby signs
  • Directory signs
  • Engraved Office Door signs
  • Entry and Exit Signs
  • Room numbers 
  • Business name and logo signage 
  • ADA Signs

Of course, we offer completely custom signs and if you have a signage need that you don’t think is addressed here, we can still help.

How to Use Office Signs to Your Advantage

Office signs and label signs aren’t just about the practicalities of pointing out where things are (although that is important.) There are many more uses for office signs that you can take advantage of with your sign design. Here are some of your options:

  • Branding: Every sign can use subtle branding, even when your brand name is not directly on it.
  • Values: Espousing your brand values can help energize staff and interest customers.
  • Wayfinding: Thoughtful and clear office signs should help people navigate your space.
  • Personality: It’s important for staff and customers to feel like your space is unique and reflects the character of your brand.
  • Aesthetics: Good signs should fit in with your interior décor.

Unique Designs for Office Signs

You can find many printable office signs that have interesting designs, but the only way to get something truly unique is to work with a designer who understands what you need from your signs. We have talented, strategic designers who understand your brand and your purpose and can help you get one-of-a-kind signs.

What is the Cost of Office Signs?

Office signage and graphics all range in price, depending on the type of sign, the material used, the size of the sign, and key features such as lighting. You can expect major signs like lobby signs to cost more than a simple exit sign. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss what you’re looking for.

Choose Us for Interior Office Signs in Milwaukee

By perfecting your office space with high-quality signs, you ensure that it is as functional and beautiful as possible. For staff and customers, an office with clearer signs is a better place to be. Optimum Signs is ready to help you improve your office. We offer high-quality office signs of all kinds in Milwaukee. Reach out to us today.