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Commercial cabinet signs, also known as box signs, are some of the most popular exterior sign options in Milwaukee. You’ll see them on many building fronts, proudly announcing the brand in the building and inviting people in. If you are in the market for new exterior building signs, typically you will be making a choice between channel letter signs and cabinet signs. There are many reasons to choose the latter. We’ll help you explore this exciting option, starting off by giving you the basics of this great sign type.

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs are perhaps best explained by another common name for them: lightbox signs. All cabinet signs are rectangular or square boxes with internal lights. These lights shine through an outward face which most commonly has the name of the brand but may also include other information. As you may have guessed from their size and shape, these signs are most often used outside where they are mounted onto the storefront of a building.

However, storefront cabinet signs are not the only option. Other uses for cabinet signs may include mounting them as advertisements on other properties, mounting them inside to promote products or to mark different sections of a store or building. Cabinet signs are sometimes also used as lobby signs or directory signs. There are many potential uses for these signs.

Cabinet Sign Basics

The basics you need to know if you’re considering cabinet signs are:

  • These signs always have internal lights that make them stand out
  • These signs are suitable for outdoor use in our climate
  • These are large signs that make a significant brand impression

Types of Cabinet Signs and Materials

Those are the basics, but what if you want some more detail on your cabinet sign options? There are many different face options, and also many different material options you can choose from. Explore:

  • Pan-formed face
  • Embossed face
  • Stencil cut face
  • Color-white-color reverse print
  • Translucent pressure sensitive face

These options are available in a range of materials including acrylic and various metals.

The Cost of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs in Milwaukee will range in price depending on the material, face type, size, lighting options, and a few other selections. We can help you estimate the cost of your ideal sign.

Have Questions about Cabinet Signs?

Are you searching for “cabinet signs near me”, or for a cabinet sign maker to answer your questions? You’ve found the right team at Optimum Signs. Contact us today to discuss your options for cabinet signs in-depth.