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A well-placed, architecturally crafted monument sign is an excellent way to distinguish your company from the competition. Monument signs are typically at ground level and made of long-lasting materials that complement the architecture around them, such as brick, stone, or other forms of masonry. Because of their adaptability, these signs can meet a wide range of requirements and look great in residential areas, communities, and shopping malls.


Optimum Signs has lots of experience with monument signs. Our designers have mastered the art of helping you create a design that will be both eye-catching and professional, all while fitting exactly what your company needs. In addition, our installation team has perfected a process that will help you get the sign that you need in time for that grand opening of yours.

Different Styles of Monument Signs

Illuminated Monument Signs
Outdoor Directory Signs
Banner and Pylon Signs
Single Building Monument Signs
Post and Panel Monument Signs


Monument signs are medium-to-large-sized exterior fixtures seen from outside a building or location. These permanent fixtures, which are typically built on a concrete foundation or sit directly on the ground at eye level, are ideal for attracting attention while also adding style and brand value to a space.

They are frequently confused with pylon signs, which rise high and tall and are better suited to industrial areas and highways that require a wider view. Both types of 3-dimensional exterior signage are 3-dimensional exterior fixtures, with the main differences being height and versatility. Pylon signs can rise far higher than monument signs, but monument signs are larger in width which can provide more versatility.


While both are types of architectural signage, the primary difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign is their height. While monument signs are low to the ground, pylon signs are higher. This means that pylon signs can be seen from afar and are used for more general advertising, whereas monument signs are typically found near business entrances.


  • Monument signs increase visibility: Potential customers may pass by without stopping if there is no appropriate clear sign near a sidewalk or road. Directional monument signs can include a multi-tenant directory that will assist visitors in quickly finding your business. As a result, installing a visible monument sign may increase foot traffic.
  • A sign to match your brand: If there is no appropriate clear sign near a sidewalk or road, potential customers may pass by without stopping. Monument signage that includes a multi-tenant directory or a wayfinding guide can also help visitors find your business quickly. As a result, putting up a visible monument sign may result in more foot traffic.
  • Outdoor signs boost marketing: Signs in direct line of sight are ideal for maximizing your marketing strategy. Consumers easily recognize your business when you have a consistent brand across all channels, including signage. This means that even if you only see it for a few seconds, your well-designed post & panel monument signs will be instantly recognizable.
  • Low-maintenance and durable: Commercial outdoor signage blends into the landscape and is simple to maintain. Simple, elegant signage made of durable, weather-resistant materials will look inviting 24 hours a day, 365 days (about 12 months) a year. Furthermore, illuminated monument signs are a low-cost way to strengthen your brand.

More about Monument Signs

Monument signs are relatively simple. They’re the big, neon signs you see outside of most large companies. Monument signs are great because you can include an electronic message board that you can program to say whatever you’d like! Monument signs are a perfect way to draw attention to your business and relay any message you’d like. While the electronic signs is awesome, monument signs don’t need it–if you prefer a more traditional monument sign, we can help you with that too.

Need a Monument Signs?

Contact us, Our designers can help you find the monument sign for your company. You get to design every aspect of the sign–the base and the sign itself are both important parts of building an image for your company. Our installation team can also help you find the right location for your monument sign based on the layout of your property. So give us a call, We’ll help you with every part of the process, and leave you with a fantastic monument sign.


A monument sign is an exterior freestanding sign that sits relatively low to the ground when compared to other outdoor freestanding signs like pole signs. Monument signs feel important and lend significance to the property they are installed on, much like a monument. They are often installed at the edge of a property, near the road.
How long it will take to create the sign depends heavily on the materials involved and the size of the sign. It may be simple to cast an acrylic sign and set it up, but it may take longer to make a monument sign that has stone or other materials that add to installation time.
You can expect to spend several thousand on a monument sign. The cost will change dramatically depending on the size of the sign, the materials that you choose and the complexity of installation. Lighting can also change the price of your sign by quite a bit. We can provide you with a quote for your design.
Monument signs are highly beneficial signs that can accomplish many different things for your business at once. The most obvious is increasing your brand presence in the area. They can also help people find your entrance or location and assist you in broadcasting your message to connect with the community.
The longevity of monument signs is highly variable. The factors include what materials the sign is made out of and what kind of weather it needs to withstand. We can help you estimate the lifespan and the maintenance needs of your specific monument sign design before you commit to it.