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When you want more foot traffic, to promote your brand, and to enhance the look of your storefront, you can achieve all three with a blade sign. You’ll find these unique, attractive signs most often in quaint downtowns, on the sides of popular shops people like to drop into, and on storefronts that are within larger buildings such as malls. You can find small blade signs on the front of small boutique shops and huge blade signs on the side of hotels. There are a variety of blade signs you can choose from. Learn all about them here. 

What Is a Blade Sign?

A blade sign is a sign that projects out horizontally from your building. It faces people walking or driving by, unlike other building signs, which face those looking directly at your building. Blade signs are typically mounted to the side of the building, but they may also hang from an awning.

Types of Blade Signs

While most blade signs are fairly similar, there are some important distinctions that you should consider for your sign, including:

  • Illuminated blade signs: They may be internally lit, or there may be an external light pointed at them. Either way, light is a compelling addition that can help your sign stand out.
  • Interior blade signs: You don’t need to use a blade sign outside. You can place a blade sign inside of your store or other property. They can be useful to point out important landmarks in the building.
  • Outdoor blade signs: Outdoor blade signs are the most common kind of blade sign and are typically mounted to a building’s exterior.

While choosing the right type of vertical blade sign is important, it is more important to find a sign designer that can make your sign as compelling as possible. Our designers can make your sign feel like your brand identity and best appeal to your target customer. We’ll take lighting, the environment, and your budget into account.

Uses for Blade Signs

What can you use custom blade signs for? They are highly versatile signs that frequently fulfill more than one purpose at once. Some of the potential uses for these signs include:

  • Wayfinding: Show people where your building is.
  • Promotion: Promote your brand or your services and products.
  • Brand impression: Ensure everyone walking by gets an impression of your brand.
  • Foot traffic: Boost traffic to your location.

The “Feel” of Blade Signs

Yes, because of their association with old downtowns, blade signs may have a vintage or historic feel that can lend great qualities to brands that need to cultivate these associations. However, blade signs can be designed to feel very modern, fresh, and sophisticated. However, your brand needs to be presented, we can help by designing a sign that will emblemize that feel. You don’t need to be stuck in the vintage associations of these signs.

Blade Signs Near You in Milwaukee

We meticulously craft beautiful hanging blade signs at Optimum Signs. Our expert team can walk you through the whole design process, from the cost of blade signs to installation. Contact us today.