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If you or your team members drive a truck around, from a personal vehicle to a food truck, it makes sense to invest in a wrap for that vehicle. Vehicle wraps in general are among the most productive signs because they make impressions on new people every day, even if they are just sitting in a parking lot. We can help you get great designs that will make your truck look interesting and enticing—without looking too busy or unsophisticated. Learn more about what you can get out of commercial truck wraps below.

Why Choose Truck Wraps in Milwaukee?

While some people might add a truck wrap just because, most want to understand if this is a wise business decision. We can tell you that is usually is. Truck wraps are highly affordable in the long run. Even though they have a big upfront cost, they should look great for years, keeping your brand at the top of mind for everyone who sees the wrap. Over the lifetime of the truck, you’re often paying less than pennies for each of these impressions.

Plus, all of those impressions are local. Vinyl truck wraps only go where you drive, and typically you only drive in your service area. That means that, unlike some online advertising, you’re only paying to reach the people you want to reach.

Types of Vinyl Truck Wraps

All truck wraps are made of the same material: vinyl. The weight of vinyl should be thick enough that the paint beneath the wrap is protected and that the wrap itself is resistant to scratches (although it can be scratched in accidents or if someone intends to scratch it.)

While all wraps are made of vinyl there are different types of wrap based on how much of the vehicle they cover, including:

Who Can Benefit from Truck Wraps in Milwaukee

Truck wrap design can be personalized to fit any business, of course. That said, there are some business types that tend to invest in it more than others. Those include:

  • Food trucks
  • Contractors
  • Shipping and transport
  • Entertainers
  • Real estate agents
  • Tool and supply companies
  • Outdoor sporting companies
  • Event companies

Many companies which don’t have a storefront deeply benefit from truck wrap advertising.

What Do Truck Wraps Cost?

Truck wraps are a larger upfront investment than other sign types but they are also very effective and will last for several years. The cost of your wrap will depend on the type of wrap you choose, how much of the vehicle it covers, how big your vehicle is, and other kinds of design decisions.

Commercial Truck Wraps in Milwaukee

Whether you want to vinyl wrap a semi-truck or you need to add some vinyl lettering to your personal vehicle, the team at Optimum Signs and Graphics can help. We offer car and truck wraps in Milwaukee that are well designed to fit your goals and installed properly. Reach out to us to discuss your needs today.