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Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Company Milwaukee

Optimum Signs can take your design or design from scratch for almost any type of vehicle.  From semi trailers and tractors to box trucks and locker systems, we can design, print and install a impactful, custom designed wrap to help get the attention of your potential customers.  A properly designed wrap can communicate your businesses focus to large numbers of potential customers just from driving around.  It’s like a mobile billboard without the limitation of being stationary.  We can assist in all areas.

Cut graphics are one of the most efficient methods of personalizing a larger vehicle.  We can use colored vinyl or we can print the vinyl to include logos and custom colors then cut the “blank” vinyl out of the graphics and apply to the vehicle.  Normally, we can apply graphics to a box truck in a single day.  Because we use an optically clear laminate, the colors won’t fade over the next few years.  This also allows us to change the graphics relatively quickly.  Overall, the most efficient way to customize a vehicle.

Full Wrap – Complete wraps are definitely the most fun and best way to deliver the message to your potential customers of who you are and what you do.  Normally, we will panel print the complete design and install it very much like the way folks used to install wallpaper.  This is an art form that only qualified installers can accomplish as the vinyl is very flexible and just from hanging can stretch distorting the image.  A qualified installer can ensure that the images are seamless and present a very large view of your business.  Because we use a high grade, optically clear laminate, the colors will stay true for a very long time as the elements cannot get to the print.  Optimum Signs can work with your company’s existing graphics, or we can design something from scratch.

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