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What kind of environment is your business trying to create? The environment that your company cultivates has a huge impact on your clients or customers and your staff. Environmental graphic design is about choosing how people should feel in your space, whether that is motivated to buy, relaxed and at peace, or energized and creative. Signs are one of the most important elements in making your environment just right to achieve your goals. Discover more about environmental signs below.

What are Environmental Signs?

Environmental signs are a tool for environmental graphic design. When well-designed, these signs help to create the environment that you are trying to cultivate in your space. They can make your office simpler to navigate for guests, help customers in a retail store feel more connected to the brand, and achieve the kind of feelings and emotions you want your space to inspire.

When creating environmental signs, design professionals use color, imagery, material, texture, typography, and all of the other tools of sign-making to optimize your sign. The design is informed by the rest of the space, the other signs, and how this specific sign impacts the viewer.

The Benefits of Environmental Signage

Environmental signage branding sounds like a high-end service, but it is truly essential for businesses. When you have signs that represent your brand better, in an environment with the right feeling, your customers more easily connect with you.

It may be best to understand the benefits of environmental signs through case studies, as their impact is so specific to the business and the space that is using them. Here are some examples:

  • Retail store: The signs in a retail store could be energizing, all designed to help lead clients on a route through the store and encourage purchasing.
  • Spa or salon: Signs here can enhance a customer’s sense of relaxation and peace, adding value to the core services that are offered.
  • Medical office: Signs here could create a sense of privacy and support, guiding patients through different rooms when they need different procedures.
  • Large residential building: Signs here could enhance the sense of home newcomers feel, helping to sell or rent units quickly and make the property more desirable.

How will environmental signage benefit your business? It depends on your brand and your goals. Talk to us to discuss what you can expect.

Some Sign Options

There are many sign options that may fit your environment. Your design team will help you choose the right ones for your specific purposes, but some common options for environmental signs include:

Why Choose Optimum Signs?

Our team of designers considers your whole space when we are making signs for you. We offer exceptionally designed signs that will help your business succeed. Contact us today.