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Floor graphics have seen a huge surge in popularity in Milwaukee and elsewhere. These fantastic signs can be used for practical purposes, like signaling where people should line up or how far apart they should stand from one other. Or, they can be used as marketing assets to draw people to new products and help them notice promotions and anything else you want them to notice.

Vinyl floor signs also have the benefits of having a low price point, high durability, and grip for safety. If you’re in Milwaukee, discover what we can offer you for floor decals below.

What is a Floor Decal?

Floor decals are made of an ultra-thin vinyl material. They are like large, high-quality stickers for your floor. You can get these signs in a variety of sizes. When they are smaller, they may be called decals, but larger versions may be called floor graphics too.

The Uses of Floor Decals

There are two main purposes of floor decals: wayfinding and advertising. Clever sign designers may also incorporate both uses into one sign, giving more practical designs branding that can help them create a brand presence wherever you install them. Here is some more detail on both uses:

  • Wayfinding: Do people ask where to find a certain room or product a lot? Then you have the opportunity to guide them with floor graphics. This is especially useful in busy settings, from health care to grocery stores and office buildings.
  • Marketing: Advertising floor signs are an under-utilized sign option. Bright, interesting floor graphics can bring your customer’s attention to different products and services, all without feeling overwhelming or too in-your-face. As for placement, take advantage of spots where people may naturally pause and have the time to look down, such as when they are in line or near a display. 

The Types of Floor Graphics

It is important for floor graphics to be durable and have a non-slip surface. Both ensure safety and that you get a good return on investment from the sign. So, you will find different types of floor graphics with different finishes that offer various levels of grip. 

Otherwise, floor graphics are highly customizable, so there aren’t many specific types. Instead of choosing a product, designing a floor graphic is more about choosing the elements that you want the decal to have. Any image, font, and style are possible. They can also be printed in any color. 

We offer a variety of floor graphics in Milwaukee and can help you create an enticing design. 

Floor Decals Maker in Milwaukee

As a custom floor graphic designer in Milwaukee, we can answer any questions you have about these unique signs. That includes the cost of floor graphics, how long floor graphics last, and more. Reach out to us to discuss floor decals today.   


Floor graphics are exposed to direct foot traffic, and this is the main thing that wears them down. Floor graphic longevity is highly variable based on how often people are walking on them. To some degree, humidity will also impact the longevity of your floor graphic. Low humidity is better for them.

Floor decals are very durable, especially when you consider how much foot traffic they can be exposed to. They are made from a strong and thin vinyl material which holds up to direct pressure quite well. Eventually, they will lose color and wear away, but they last longer than you might expect.
If you decide you no longer want your floor decal it is simple and easy to remove. The floor decal can be pulled off from one edge. If you hold the part you’ve pulled up at a very sharp angle from the floor, approaching 180 degrees, it should come off easily and without residue.
You do not need to protect floor decals or add any special covering or lamination to them. Floor decals are made of a durable vinyl material that will hold up well. Adding something physical to the surface of the floor decal could create a tripping hazard.

No, floor graphics are not laminated, and they do not need to be. They are made of a printed vinyl sheet material that already has a plastic-like, durable, and smooth finish. This finish lasts longer than typical laminated surface would under the same conditions so adding lamination is not a good idea.