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At Optimum Signs, we take your company’s image very seriously. Electronic signs are a great way to make your monument signs look a bit more modern and professional, and we’re happy to help you with that. Electronic signs also give you a bit more freedom in what you advertise–so even though the cost is higher than for a banner, this is a great one-time choice that can be used for a long time to display a variety of information to your customers.


Modern image
Provide a professional look
Easy to alter display
Modern image

Why Electronic Signs?

Electronic signs are relatively new in the world of advertising, however, that doesn’t make them something to avoid. They’re a more permanent alternative to banners, and they’re far more professional than letter board signs. If you’re looking to polish up your business’s look, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do electronic signs provide a clean image, but they also are easy to alter. Want a different message on the sign?–You can program them to say whatever you need at any given time. You can even program them to display pictures!

Looking for an Electronic Signs?

At Optimum Signs, we understand the value of keeping a pristine look both inside and outside of your building. That’s why we’re here to make the process of upgrading to an electronic sign easier. We handle everything from the design, permitting process, installation, and electrical work. Our electronic signs are always up to par with what you want for your company, and our designers always go out of their way to accommodate any special requests.

In addition, our installation team will help you choose the most convenient location for your electronic sign. We know that finding a good spot for such a large sign isn’t always easy, so we help you pinpoint exactly where your sign will not only look the best, but also be easy to wire, program, and maintain. Let us guide you to your goal of giving your business a more professional and polished appearance.

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