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Acrylic signs may be vibrant or transparent, bold or subtle, and always perfectly tailored to your brand and your message. Not only do they offer great design, but they are highly affordable and durable sign options as well. Those who are looking for acrylic signs near me have found the right place. We provide custom acrylic signs in Milwaukee. Discover the types of acrylic signs, printing options, and more below.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic is a plastic material. Acrylic signs are made from plastic sheets that can be cut and heat-molded into custom shapes to suit any sign needs. There are several types of acrylic signs, including:   

Frosted Acrylic Signs 

Imagine a glass sheet with a thin layer of frost over it. That’s what a frosted acrylic sign can look like. The texture obscures the view through the sign and adds visual interest, but it doesn’t block natural light, and it is more subtle than a pigment.

Clear Acrylic Signs 

Also known as plexiglass signs, these signs are clear like glass, except that they are easier to shape and more durable. It is useful to have some elements of a sign be made from clear acrylic while others have color or texture.

Mirror Acrylic Signs

This material reflects light the way that a mirror does. It’s useful for many interesting designs.  

While those are interesting kinds of acrylic signs, the most common is simply dyed a vibrant color. All colors are available, including the unique brand colors you need to promote your business. We can help you combine multiple kinds of acrylic to create a stunning sign that will best send the message that you need to communicate.

Printing and Lighting Considerations for Acrylic Office Signage

Custom acrylic signs can be printed on the back or the front of the material. Front printing is standard and less expensive, but it doesn’t have the same depth of feeling that printing on the back does. Back-printing, or second surface printing, also has the advantage of being a bit more durable than the standard print option. It also has a shine that you don’t get from standard printing.

Depending on your intended use for the sign, its placement, and the nearby lighting, one kind of sign printing may look much better than another. We can help you make the right decision for your unique circumstances.

Uses for Acrylic Signs

These business signs are highly versatile and used for a very wide variety of communication and business needs. Acrylic wall signs can be used outdoors to promote your business, reveal the address, or communicate other important information. However, indoor use is more common for these signs. There are acrylic office signs you might find in lobbies or on doors.

Acrylic Sign Makers in Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking for a sign? We offer exceptional acrylic sign printing in Milwaukee. Contact us today to discuss your needs and vision for your sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic signs can last for many years. Acrylic is a highly durable plastic material that can stand up to the elements or potential sources of damage. We recommend acrylic signs as a longer-term investment than some other sign types. They should last years, but we can help you estimate your specific sign’s lifespan.

Acrylic is an excellent material for use in sign making. It is a colorless acrylic material that we can dye any color and then transform into any shape to create the unique design of your sign. Acrylic is a highly affordable material. It also has some niche types, like mirror acrylic, which are useful for certain signs.

Acrylic signs do not need much maintenance. It is wise to dust and wash them on occasion. When they need dusting, simply wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. You can use the same cloth to wash the sign if it gets dirty or needs to be cleaned. We recommend using a mild soap.
Good news! You have found the right place to order custom acrylic signs in or near Milwaukee. Optimum Signs offers high-quality acrylic signs of various types. You can contact us to get your order started or just to discuss if this is the right sign type for you.
That all depends on what you need from your acrylic sign and what other materials or sign types you are comparing it to. Acrylic is one of the less expensive materials, but all costs scale with size. The professionals at Optimum Signs can walk you through your design process and help explain costs.
Acrylic signs are named after the acrylic material that they are made of. While you may be more familiar with acrylic paint, this compound can also be made into a solid, plastic material. It is made into this solid material for use as a sign.
Yes, many (but not all) acrylic signs are designed for use outdoors. It all depends on what other materials are in the sign. If you know you want to place your sign outside, starting with acrylic is a good idea. This material resists fading from the sun and can handle moisture.
Yes, acrylic signs are reusable in that they will last for many years. If you do not have your acrylic sign permanently affixed somewhere, you can take it down and put it back up as needed.
Yes, signs that are made of just acrylic are waterproof. Their color will not run at all, and they will not crumble or fade in the rain. They can be used for several years before showing signs of age.

We offer completely custom acrylic signs. Essentially, we can make an acrylic sign that is as small or as large as you need it to be. Work with our designers to discuss what size sign you need for your specific application as well as other aspects of its design and its final cost.