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Commercial car wraps are what make those unusual vehicles on the road stand out. Whether it is a transport truck advertising their haul, a personal vehicle spreading the word about a small business, or a work truck developing trust in customers, commercial car wraps are powerful signage options. Businesses small and large, new and established, should consider getting a commercial car wrap for their vehicle or their fleet.

If you’re interested in commercial car wraps near you, then you should learn more about what wraps offer, what they cost, and where you can get them from. As a commercial car wrap shop in Milwaukee, we can answer your questions. Learn more below or reach out to us to discuss your options.

Car Decals Versus Car Wraps

Commercial car wraps are different from commercial car decals and lettering. A wrap is a sheet that can cover all of a vehicle, or about half. A decal can be much smaller, perhaps like a very large sticker. Lettering is made of the same material as car decals, but it is just the letters, with nothing in between.

These options are all very different. Which should you choose for your vehicle?


Lettering is just lettering added to your vehicle like stickers. It can include your brand name, motto, and other information about your business. This is typically the least expensive option.


Decals are larger than lettering and can include more design elements like images and color. They can make a bigger impact than lettering.

Partial wrap: 

Partial wraps cover a large portion of the vehicle, but not the whole thing.

Full wrap: 

Full wraps cover the entire vehicle. They allow you to make dramatic changes to the look of the vehicle, like disguising the entire color. Full wraps are the most expensive, but they are also the most impactful and have the most room for information.

We can help you decide between these options during a consultation.

Commercial Car Graphic Possibilities

Commercial car wraps are made from an ultra-thin, strong, completely customizable material. We can print on it much like paper, which means that we can print anything you choose, in any color and with any font or image. With all of those possibilities, it can be hard to narrow down what you want. You can look online for some inspiration, or consider putting your own twist on these common options:

  • Branding
  • Product images
  • Arrows and lines
  • People
  • Characters
  • Fun messaging
  • Bold colors

Advertising Car Wraps

Don’t forget that, no matter what else your car wrap is about, it advertises your business. Your design choices will not just alter how effective the sign is, but they will also determine how people perceive your business. They contribute to your branding, even if that isn’t the core use of the sign. So, it’s best to work with a professional on your commercial car wrap design and be sure it presents your brand in the right light. We can help you incorporate your brand feel and identity into a commercial car wrap design.

Commercial Car Wraps in Milwaukee

If you are looking for car wraps near you, reach out to Optimum Signs, your commercial car wrap shop in Milwaukee.

Frequently Asked Questions

A car wrap is a vinyl sheet that is wrapped around a vehicle over any painted elements. The wrap is custom printed with a design to display on the vehicle. Often these are marketing images and text, but they may also be decorative. Wraps are effective and cost-effective options for advertising.

No, car wraps do not damage easily. All wraps are made of high-quality vinyl materials. They’re flexible enough to go onto the vehicle but tough enough to resist scrapes, scratches, and other damage.

It depends on your marketing goals and your business. Essentially, if you need to get the word out about your business or need to advertise locally, then getting a vehicle wrapped is a great idea. It’s an affordable and effective way to advertise many different types of businesses.

That depends. If you want a full car wrap it will cost more than a partial wrap, which also costs more than just vinyl lettering. We can give you a quote for your respective design, and we can help you make adjustments to keep your car wrap within your marketing budget.

We ensure that the car wrap will fit your car. We use high-quality vinyl that is specially cut for every make and model of vehicle. So long as you let us know what you’re driving, we can ensure that the vinyl wrap will fit well, cover the whole vehicle without gaps, and look great.

No. This is one of the best things about car wraps! They will not damage the paintwork beneath them. Vehicle wraps can protect the paint job on your car and help it to avoid scuffs and scratches.

That depends on the kind of car wrap that you are having installed. We understand that you value your time, but we also want to do a great job with the installation. We will let you know exactly how long it will take to install your specific wrap and when you can get your vehicle back.

All vehicles must be washed before we wrap the vehicle. This ensures that the vinyl makes the best contact with the vehicle’s surface. Any imperfections in the surface of the vehicle will show through the wrap. A wrap is not meant to hide imperfections.

If we need to cover a car window with a wrap, which not all designs call for, then we use vinyl that you can see through in one direction, so that none of your range of vision is limited by the wrap.

There are so many benefits of getting your car wrapped! Car wraps provide local, effective advertising. They catch the eye of everyone, whether you are driving, or you’re just parked. They can also help increase trust in your brand and your perceived professionalism. A car wrap can help get you meet a wide variety of marketing goals.