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We’re right here! Optimum Signs has been doing vehicle wraps since the day we started business. In fact, the first piece we printed was a vehicle wrap! Not only do we have experience with vehicle wraps, they’re also one of our designer’s personal favorites. Even the owner of Optimum Signs changes up the wrap on his vehicle from time to time! They’re simple, fun, and easy–and you can remove them at any time! 

Improve Your Brand Visibility With Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl wrap for your car wraps, truck wraps, or van. These wraps can be as simple as a new color for your car, or as complex as a fun, design to celebrate graduation. Wraps can also be full or partial, meaning you can do as much or as little as you’d like to change the look of your vehicle.

What’s Involved in a Vehicle Wrap?

The vehicle wrap process can be a little complicated, but we will walk you through every step, from determining what your design should look like, to installing the wrap and letting you know how to maintain it for the long run. Wrapping your vehicle can be a quick process if you have a clear idea of what kind of design you might want and have a short deadline to meet. We will take our time through the process and help you make sure that you’re getting exactly the kind of vehicle wrap you like. You will get an honest estimate before you commit, and we’ll make sure that you approve of every aspect of the design before we get started.

Our Vehicle Branding Services in Milwaukee, WI

There’s nothing like professional support when you’re designing your vehicle wrap. Some wraps are more of a detriment to their brand, as they look cluttered, are too different from the brand, or don’t take into account the unique design needs of vehicle wraps. Our branding services will help you avoid the most common mistakes and get vehicle wraps which are always an asset to your brand.

We can help you wrap anything, from a single vehicle that is for your personal use to a whole fleet of commercial transport trucks. Trust us to help you wrap food trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs, and any other kind of vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping

There are plenty of signs that your business could choose to try to promote your brand. So, why should you choose vehicle wraps? These signs offer a great collection of benefits that no other sign can. These benefits are great for all kinds of businesses:

Always local:

Don’t worry about reaching people outside of your service area, as you do with online advertising. A vehicle wrap is only seen by the people you drive past, or your real customers.

Affordable signage:

While a vehicle wrap has a high upfront cost, it will also last for years, and doesn’t need to be changed out. It also makes hundreds or even thousands of impressions per day, which means that, in the long term, it has a very good return on investment.

Perfect for new businesses:

Don’t have an office yet? No problem, you still have a place to put this kind of sign.

Natural curiosity:

Vehicle wraps naturally attract attention, people are always curious about them.

Premium Vinyl Wrap Specialist in Milwaukee

Vehicle wraps are some of the most fun products to design. Anything you need or want, we can put on a wrap. From company vehicles to wedding getaway cars–we can do it all. A vehicle wrap is a great temporary way to spice up the look of your vehicle. A wrap can last as long a three years, but you can have it removed at any point you’d like. Whenever the business needs a new design for the company cars–we’ve got your back! So just give us a call.

Types of Vehicles Wraps Available in Milwaukee

Full Wrap
Partial Wrap
Commercial Wrap
Gloss Vinyl Wrap
Color-Changing Wrap

Vehicle Wraps FAQs

They are weather-resistant vinyl signs that are installed on various types of company vehicles, such as cars, fleets, trailers, and trucks. They are fantastic tools to convert regular vehicles into mobile billboards. They effortlessly generate hundreds of impressions each day, allowing you to stay top-of-mind and reach more potential customers.

Their overall costs depend on several factors, namely, the type of wrap, complexity of design, materials used, dimensions, and labor. For full wraps, you can expect that they will cost more than partial ad wraps since they cover the entire exterior of your vehicles. If you want to get a free quote, reach out to one of our seasoned specialists today.

They typically last between five to fifteen years depending on the amount of pollution and severe weather in your area. Proper care and maintenance are other factors that lengthen the lifespan of your vinyl vehicle wraps. If you want to extend and maximize your signage investments, give us a call today. 

No, vinyl wraps don’t cause any form of damage to your vehicles. In fact, full wraps even protect the original paint of your car from inclement weather and other minor damages. Thus, you don’t have to worry about spending additional money on paint repairs.

Yes, vehicle wraps are fantastic investments because of their many long-term advantages. They help your company get ahead of competitors, boost your brand’s visibility, convert more leads, and excite existing patrons. Commercial vinyl wraps are built to withstand scratches and fading, thus allowing you to make the most out of your signage investments. 

If you are talking about immediate costs, painting your vehicle is cheaper. However, if you take into account the numerous long-term and profitable benefits that car wraps generate, they end up becoming more cost-effective. They basically pay for themselves. Plus, wrapped vehicles have the lowest cost-per-thousand impressions among various types of advertisements.  

Yes, vehicle wrapping requires the experience, skills, and professional tools to ensure that the final product looks impressive and impactful. Doing it on your own can, you will be prone to creating plenty of bubbles, ripples, rips, and other imperfections. If you want a seamless vehicle wrap, work with Optimum Signs today! You can count on our installation specialists to expertly and efficiently put up your signage investments. 

If you work with a reputable sign company in Milwaukee, your commercial vehicle wraps should be highly resistant to water damage. For top-notch car wraps, choose Optimum Signs as your partner. We utilize premium-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your signage investments are incredibly long-lasting, durable, and heavy-duty. 

Absolutely not! Car wraps don’t damage the paint, even during the removal process. If you invest in full ad wraps, you will end up with an opposite outcome since they shield the original paint of your car from inclement weather and pollution. Book a consultation today to get started.

No, we do not recommend that you wrap your cars yourself. Installing them requires expert skills, sufficient experience, and the right tools to ensure that the final product is free from imperfections. Professional installation also ensures that they last for many years. If you don’t want to spend on frequent repairs or unnecessary replacements, we recommend that you hire our professionals instead.