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Looking for a company that can design and install fleet graphics?

Look no further! Here at Optimum Signs, we have the capacity to handle large orders such as wraps for multiple vehicles. Whether you have vans, cars, or trucks, we’ve got what it takes to properly wrap your entire fleet. These types of orders are perfect for redesigning company cars or replacing those old maintenance vans. No matter what you need them for, our fleet wraps & graphics are always top of the line!

What are Fleet Graphics?

Fleet graphics are the same as a regular vehicle wrap, just for more than one vehicle. Fleet Wraps & Graphics are great for any number of cars, vans, or trucks that need matching graphics. An example would be company cars or maintenance vans. The graphics are completely customizable, meaning the layout and design are entirely based on the needs of your company. With fresh designs and vibrant colors of fleet graphics, you can add new life to your corporate identity and convey a compelling story about your brand. 

The following fleet graphics options are available:

Fleet Lettering

These basic fleet graphics include vinyl lettering to display your message, consisting primarily of text, but they can also include simple vector graphics. In fleet lettering, the words are cut out from solid, colored vinyl that is pre-masked and applied all at once. It’s mainly used for displaying company names, logos, contact numbers, and other basic information. 

Spot Graphics/Decals

If you want to include both text and images in your fleet graphics, spot graphics can be used. With this option, the design or text is printed on adhesive vinyl, rather than cut out, and is then pasted to the vehicle. These can be customized in any gradient, color, and design per your preferences. It is used to display complex or unique logos and graphics for branding your vehicles. A combination of vinyl lettering and complex logos can also be used to get the desired look. Spot graphics have a quick installation and removal process, so you don’t have to wait too long to get the desired result. 

Full Vehicle Wrap

A full wrap can cover your entire vehicle and offers a better visual punch. A variety of logo designs, graphics, colors, and branded artwork can be applied in a full vehicle wrap. Such wraps are hard to ignore and can easily grab people’s attention and act as moving billboards. These provide better design flexibility that can transform your brand identity. 

Partial Wrap

Fleet graphics that cover anywhere between one-quarter and three-quarters of the vehicle are considered partial. This option is more pocket-friendly than full vehicle wraps and still creates a lasting impression that can increase brand awareness and make your company stand out. These wraps have faster turnaround times and are suitable for larger vehicles like tractors. 

Full Reflective Wraps

If you want to make your vehicles stand out, reflective wraps are for you. No matter the time of the day, these wraps can offer better visibility of your design that can make a striking impression on your potential customers. With these wraps, you’ll never miss out on creating brand awareness. 

Need Fleet Graphics?

Here at Optimum Signs, our designers have experience with large orders of graphics, meaning that a bigger order won’t take an outrageous amount of time like it might elsewhere. Our designers work with you to set up the layout and design for your graphics, and always allow you to check (and double-check!) to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. 

Our installation team is also skilled when it comes to bigger orders, and they’re more than happy to handle the extra workload associated with wrapping a fleet of vehicles. In addition, they always make sure that no detail is overlooked. Even with large orders, Optimum Signs still proudly boasts a superior quality of goods than our competitors.

Why Choose Optimum Signs?

With Optimum Signs, you can get the best solution for all your commercial fleet graphics needs. Our experienced team can handle any fleet graphics project and work passionately to deliver the best results. When you choose Optimum Signs, you get:

  • Better cost saving
  • Long-lasting graphics 
  • Attractive designs 
  • Personalized solutions
  • Striking brand impressions 
  • Attention-grabbing graphics 

We value all our clients and strive to provide only the best customer service. Our team works dedicatedly to help you choose the best fleet graphics for all your vehicles that suit your budget, turnaround times, and branding needs. 

Grow your business with Optimum Signs fleet graphics and transform your vehicles and brand image. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

Reasons To Brand Your Company with Fleet Graphics

Uniform look for company vehicles
No limit on number of vehicles
Custom-designed wrap graphics
Advertising on the go
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