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Every window is an opportunity. When you’re running a business of any kind, Optimum Signs can help you make the most of your opportunities with custom window graphics. These vinyl signs can be placed on any glass, not just windows, but are most classically used on front windows to help draw in foot traffic. Of course, they can accomplish a lot more than that.

Different Types of Window Graphics

Vinyl Windows
Perforated Graphics
Opaque graphics
Etched glass vinyl
Frosted Film

What are Window Graphics?

When you look at window graphics, they just look like thin, intensely colored signs. They are made of vinyl, a kind of plastic, that is made into a sheet kind of like paper. The vinyl starts transparent but is dyed based on the design. Then, it is custom cut. The result is a completely custom and very affordable sign for your windows.

Choose Your Vinyl Window Graphics

You have options when it comes to choosing your window sign. There are a few types of window graphics, including:

1. Frosted Window Graphics: 

These signs are more like a window film than a sign. They don’t advertise. Instead, they make the window look like it has frosted over. This obscures the view inside the window, without blocking any light. They add privacy.

2. Transparent Window Graphics:

These are clear or transparent window graphics that are treated to reduce glare or add UV protection. They are often used in offices.

3. Perforated Window Graphics:

There are small holes in these window graphics, which allows you to see through them from one direction. From the other direction, you see the graphic as a complete sign. This is useful for vehicles and to adorn windows that you need to see out of.

4. Decorative Window Graphics:

Primarily, these window graphics are marketing tools, but they can also be used to enhance the look of a space.

Benefits of Window Graphics for your store:

Where should you put your graphic and how should you design it? That all depends on how you want to use it. There are a few different uses for window graphics that you might find practical, including:


Most window graphics have some branding and market their company. They can be powerful supporting signs for front windows to help draw people in your door.


Window graphics can make your space more private if that would benefit your clients. Lawyers, doctors, medical professionals, and therapists may all find this to be useful.


Does your space lack personality and interest? Window graphics can help by adding color, design, and even texture. This can help with marketing too, of course.


Window films that block glare or UV light can help make your space more comfortable. This is a common use for offices.

Get Great Window Graphics from Optimum Signs

What is the cost of a window graphic? How soon can we get your window graphic to you in Milwaukee? The professionals at Optimum Signs have the answers for you. Reach out to us today for a consultation about your signs, or just to ask your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Window graphics should last a few years. Their longevity will depend on a few factors, including how much sun they are exposed to, how much moisture or humidity they are exposed to, and how much general wear and tear they see. We can help you assess how long your window graphics will last depending on your placement.

Some window graphics can be seen through, and others cannot. You might choose to create an opaque design on your graphic. Or you might choose to have lettering or images with some amount of transparent space around them. You may also choose semi-transparent graphics meant to add privacy.
Creating window graphics, like much of sign design, is a fun process. You get to bring us your sign ideas or needs and we create a design that you might like. We change it based on your feedback until you have a design that you love. Then we print the window graphic for you.
We don’t recommend that you try to install your window graphics yourself. While application seems easy, there is a bit of a knack to it to getting the right placement and avoiding air bubbles and other problems. We offer installation for all the window graphics that we design.
Window graphics start as vinyl sheets. These sheets are made by 3M or other high-quality manufacturers. They create the vinyl product and then form it into one long sheet. We then specify how the sheet should be dyed to create your pattern. Then we specify how it should be cut.
Your windows are like a blank canvas. Why not use that space to advertise? On storefronts, window advertising is important to help bring people in, or to communicate essential store policies before they walk in. In offices, window advertising can do the same, plus help create privacy or promote your brand.
Most window graphics are installed on the inside of the glass. This is ideal because it protects them from rain and the other elements. Of course, they are still exposed to the sun when placed behind the glass, and the sun is a major source of wear and tear on these signs.
Window decals are made from a professional-grade vinyl sheet with an adhesive applied to the back which allows them to stick onto the glass. The vinyl sheeting is a thin but durable material that resists scratches and abrasion, although we wouldn’t recommend you try to scratch them.
There are different kinds of vinyl and different kinds of vinyl sheets. Essentially, you want to know the weight of your vinyl sheet. The thicker, the longer the sticker will last and the more durable it will be in general. However, the thicker the material, the more expensive it will be too.
Vinyl wraps provided by professional sign companies won’t damage the window. They also should not leave behind a film after they are removed. Dust will not have gathered on the window and the stick may have also protected the glass from scratches it might have otherwise received. So, in those ways, a vinyl wrap is good for windows.