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Dimensional letter signs are a bold, interesting way to fulfill your signage needs and help your business achieve its goals. Common in lobbies, building exteriors and mounted on interior walls, dimensional letters are an excellent solution to brand your space or point out different rooms and sections of your property to customers.

What is a Dimensional Sign and Graphic?

Dimensional signs are made up of three-dimensional letters arranged together to spell out your brand name or any other message that you’d like to send. These are powerful signs because, being three-dimensional, they “pop” for the eye. They can cast natural shadows, which will be thicker and stand out more the thicker the lettering is. 

Dimensional signs are very flexible, and they can be put to a wide range of uses. Dimensional logo and lobby signs are common. In the lobby space, 3D lettering stands out and makes a positive impression on customers, clients, and guests. The lettering looks more professional than the common alternative, which is a wall graphic.

Dimensional letters for building exteriors are another popular option. Here, dimensional letters may be seen as a bit of a step down from channel letter signs, which have built-in lighting. However, lighting can be added to dimensional letters if you want your exterior sign to have lighting. Or dimensional letters may be a great supporting sign for your main building exterior sign.

Types of Dimensional Letters and logos

Flat Cut Metal Letters
Cast Metal Letters
Laser Cut Acrylic Letters
PVC Letters and Logos

Benefits of Custom Dimensional Signage

Why should you choose these signs for your signage needs? Dimensional signage has many benefits, including:

  • A bold look: Dimensional lettering looks intense and helps catch the eye.
  • Customizability: We can make dimensional lettering in any font, including your custom font and colors.
  • Durability: Dimensional letters can have durable finishes that prevent scratches and wear from exposure to elements, making the sign more durable. 

Where Can You Put Dimensional Letters?

You can put dimensional lettering in a wide variety of places on your commercial property. Depending on the material, your sign may be suitable for outdoor use. Dimensional lettering is available in a variety of metals, including steel and aluminum. It is also available in plastic materials, including acrylic and PVC, as well as wood. If you need an outdoor sign, we can help you find a material that will stand up to your environmental conditions.

Further, you also have a choice of where to mount your sign. Dimensional lettering can be placed on building exteriors, interior walls, and dedicated supports as in monument signs. From brick to glass, stone, drywall, and wood, we can mount your dimensional letters to the material that you need us to. 

Explore Your Dimensional Sign Options

Dimensional signs are one of the boldest but also one of the more affordable and personalized signs. Are you not sure if they are right for you? Discuss it with us. We offer free dimensional letters consultation. Reach out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensional lettering is another name for three-dimensional letters. These are large letters made of a solid material like plastic or metal. Despite their similarities, they are different from channel letters, as those have lighting built into them.

Dimensional letters need to be mounted differently depending on the location they are being installed and the material the bracket is being attached to. The professional installers at Optimum Signs will make sure that your dimensional letters are safely installed.

Dimensional letters are a bold choice for a sign. They are thick and can grab attention easily, especially when they are made larger than the surrounding signs. They can also be completely customized to match any fonts or colors you need.

Dimensional letters are most commonly made of acrylic as it is an easily customizable and inexpensive material. However, dimensional letters may also be made from wood, steel, brass, aluminum, and more.

You can install dimensional lettering outdoors, so long as the material you’ve chosen is rated for this purpose. If you know you want to place your sign outdoors, let our experts know and they will be able to assist you in finding the best, outdoor qualified signage material for your business.

Dimensional lettering needs very little maintenance. Typically, you will just need to clean off dust, debris, and dirt. The frequency of the cleaning will depend on the location of the sign. The way that you should clean it depends on the specific material of the sign. We can give you instructions for your specific sign material.

The durability of dimensional letters depends on the material that they are made from. However, they must be made of a rigid material and are typically quite durable, even when exposed to winds. We can inform you of the durability of your specific sign material, so you know what to expect.

That depends on what they are made of and how large they are, among a few other factors. We understand that you’re on a budget, so we can help you design a sign that will fit safely within it. You can always reach out to one of our experts at Optimum Signs for a free quote.
It depends on where you are installing it. As sign professionals, we can alert you to whether or not you need a permit to install a three-dimensional letter sign on your property or wherever you want to install it. Typically, you will need to get a permit for installations on your property.

The process of manufacturing 3D sign letters can be complicated. We start by presenting you with designs and options for your sign and narrowing it down to something that you’re excited about. We then manufacture the letters out of the material you’ve chosen. Then we install the sign in the right spot.