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Any retail location that has a storefront without the right sign is missing out on potential traffic, potential sales, and the ability to connect with more people and promote its brand throughout the community. Storefront signs can help you accomplish many business goals and make you more successful. We offer well-designed building signs in Milwaukee.

What Is a Storefront Sign?

A storefront sign is any sign that is part of the front display of your business. They include building signs or signs that are mounted directly to the front of your building. Smaller signs or more temporary signs are also included. It can be beneficial to have multiple storefront signs because they can work together to create the look you need and appeal to your ideal customer.

Storefront signs should also include at least one kind of lighting. That’s because you want your signs to be visible at night. Even if you aren’t open, it’s good to generate more brand impressions.

The Types of Storefront Signs

There are many kinds of storefront signs that you can use to promote your business, including:

  • Channel letter signs: These are the big, lit letter signs that you often see on the front of buildings.
  • Three-dimensional signs: While these are large letter signs they are not usually lit and don’t have lighting embedded in them.
  • Storefront window graphicsStorefront graphics are a great option for any business which has front windows.
  • Awning signs: These signs help your brand feel homey, traditional, artisan, and unique. Combing them with other signs is often essential.
  • Sidewalk boards: Changeable and interesting, sidewalk signs can help bring traffic in for events or menu items.
  • Digital displays: Cutting-edge sign technology, like digital displays, is a great option for displaying complex information. They are also inherently more engaging and interesting for customers.
  • Monument signs: This is a great sign for building brand awareness and promoting brand presence. They can also be used to share information and attract people to your business.

Uses for Storefront Signs

Storefront signs have more uses than you might think, including:

  • Helping potential customers locate your business.
  • Promoting brand awareness in your area.
  • Encouraging foot traffic into your business.
  • Displaying important policies and information people should know.

What Makes a Custom Storefront Sign?

What makes these signs truly custom? You don’t want to end up with a sign that looks like it could have been designed for some other business. What makes these signs successful is how fine-tuned they are to your brand and its needs. So, choose a sign company that is willing to strategize about the details that help it reflect your brand in the best light.

An Ideal Storefront Sign Design & Installation Company in Milwaukee

Those businesses in or near Milwaukee who are looking to upgrade their storefront signs, or get some for the first time, should reach out to Optimum Signs. Our team will carefully walk you through every aspect of the sign design to ensure you have a sign that will truly be an asset to your business.

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