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Paint is far from your only option to make your walls stand out. Wall graphics are thin vinyl sheets you can use to add any image, text, color, or other design to your walls. Custom wall graphics are great additions to many spaces, including retail, offices and even warehouses. They can advertise, inform, delight, and create an engaging atmosphere. If you’re interested in business wall graphics in Milwaukee, learn about them and what they can offer you below.

What is a Wall Graphics?

A vinyl wall graphic is a kind of adhesive sign made of a thin vinyl sheet. Vinyl is a plastic-like material. It’s the same material that is used for car wraps, which means that it is tough, scratch-resistant, and durable outdoors as well as indoors.

Wall graphics can be easily applied to various wall surfaces. They are also removable for when you want to take them down. They can be used for seasonal and temporary promotions or as a permanent fixture on your wall.

Types of Wall Graphics

Concrete & Brick Wall Graphics
Perforated Window Graphics
Drywall Graphics
Vinyl Wall Wraps
Vinyl Stickers
Block Cut Vinyl
Vinyl Decals

Custom Wall Graphics Printing & Installation MIlwaukee

We offer custom wall graphics which means the options available to you are practically endless. By incorporating different designs or techniques, we’ll be able to create a sign specifically for you. Some of the important design elements you’ll want to think about when creating a design with us include:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Graphic
  • Font

While most wall graphics are opaque and have color printed on them, you can also use graphics that allow you to see through them from one direction, or you can use semi-transparent vinyl sheets. Those can add privacy to spaces but allow natural light through. These are especially useful as office wall graphics for businesses where clients may want privacy.

Uses for Wall Graphics

You can use wall graphics for many purposes:

  • Add branding to your office, lobby, or other spaces.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere for your clients to enjoy.
  • Communicate essential information, especially on doors and entrances.
  • Offer wayfinding information to guests.
  • And more. 

Wall Graphics and Decals in Milwaukee

What is the cost of a wall graphic? What kind of design will work best for your brand? How long will it take before your graphic is printed and installed? We can answer all your questions. The team at Optimum Signs offers well-designed and high-quality wall graphics and decals in Milwaukee. Contact us today with your questions or design ideas.


Yes, wall decals are durable. They are made of a thin plastic-like material that is resistant to scratches, moisture, sunlight, and other potential causes of damage.

That depends on their environmental conditions. Wall graphics are supposed to last a few years, but they may fade early if they are constantly over-exposed to sunlight or humidity. Speak with our team of experts to learn about the best ways to care for your wall decals and increase their lifespan.

While wall graphics are fairly simple to install, they still deserve professional treatment. Let our team of experts at Optimum Signs install your wall graphics to avoid damaging your walls or graphics. We will ensure that your graphic is well-placed and properly adhered to your wall with no air bubbles, wrinkles, or tears.

Yes, the walls cannot be painted with Teflon or stain resistant paint. The stain resistance additive also prevents adhesives from curing. Additionally, if the wall was just painted, it has to outgas a minimum of two weeks before our team can install.

No, wall decals do not damage walls. Wall decals can protect paint and other surfaces beneath them. They should not rip off paint or leave behind residue, so long as they are professionally removed, and the paint was in good condition before application.

Yes, wall decals can be removed. You can use them for a few years and then safely remove them without damaging the wall beneath. Alternatively, you can use them temporarily, from days to months, and then remove them. Some businesses use them for temporary promotions.

Vinyl wall graphics may be used on many different surfaces with different effects. They are most often used in office and retail spaces for branding and self-promotion purposes. You might use them to tell your brand story or to promote a specific service.


Wall graphics are a relatively inexpensive sign type, which means that it is easier to make room for them in your budget. They are completely customizable, bright, and capable of having high-quality graphics which means that a good design can make these signs perform well, helping you achieve your goals.

While they are less expensive than many other sign types, we cannot give you an exact idea of what they will cost unless you get a quote. However, we do offer estimates and can help you choose a size and design for your wall graphic that will be within your final budget.

Yes, wall decals can be used outside (when made from the correct material). They are highly resistant to environmental concerns such as exposure to direct sunlight and rain. They will not last as long outside as they would inside, but you should still get years of use from outdoor wall decals.

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